Miranda Lambert - Automatic

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Gator Jeaux
It's nice to hear the usual modern country songs about partyin' and such, but I absolutely love when country songs still carry passion and speak the truth. I love this song.
Chris Trompeter
I'm only 19 and remember my grandma and grandpa even my mom and dad showing me and telling about that life!!!
Honestly I would prefer that life style than this life!!!
Yes to an extent this life is good but I would love to have grew up in this era of life!!!
These days there are to many electronics such as cell phones, video games, etc.
Thank You Miranda For making such a true song!!!
Courtney Wheatley
I dont care what anyone or even what Blake says about her. she is absolutely stunning, beautiful and has a lovely voice. Unattractive to look at... pshhhh who is he kidding?
Kristy Melinda
I'm 12, so why is this song giving me nostalgic feelings for something that I have never experienced?
She is the best thing in country ! I almost quit listening to it , she brought me back.
It's no contest, she's richer than her ex, she's better looking, better voice, better song writer, musician and a smile that lights up a whole room. There's an old saying "don't throw your pearls before swine."
Gracie Shrout
Y'all need to stop saying negative comments about this song and Miranda because this is a great song and Miranda is an awesome songwriter
Most people say country sucks. I love country, like it speaks the truth not like rap where they say you need a certain size woman to be happy, or drinking and getting high.!
Joseph Kony
I guess I'm a country boy at heart.
Dongniyaaa sensei
Beautiful song..this is why i love country
Kelsey Soape
I sang this in a talent show and everyone said they lived it
wow this is so beautiful, makes me miss my childhood days :) I think anyone can relate to this.
I used to love listening to cassettes as a kid.
L Coters
I love how she projects her voice with her southern draw she is pure country. One of the best this day in age for sure.
Cathy Bennett
Why is everyone hating? I love this song. They play it all the time on the bus lol.
Breanna F
I love the meaning in this song
These lyrics sort of hit me. It's maybe what i've been thinking.. thanks Miranda. We take everything that gets given to us for granted and destroy it and forget that we have to keep and work for the few things we have. Don't give up on your loved one people is my advice. The grass is not greener on the other side. Slow it down. Press reset. Don't let these fast time confuse you. 
blue sky
omgawd Miranda lambert I love the way you sing and you are super pretty
Mallory Thurgood
I just love this song these are the types of songs that make me love country and make me wanna become a country singer