Miranda Lambert - Automatic

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Courtney Wheatley
Kristy Melinda
I'm 12, so why is this song giving me nostalgic feelings for something that I have never experienced?
Gator Jeaux
It's nice to hear the usual modern country songs about partyin' and such, but I absolutely love when country songs still carry passion and speak the truth. I love this song.
It's no contest, she's richer than her ex, she's better looking, better voice, better song writer, musician and a smile that lights up a whole room. There's an old saying "don't throw your pearls before swine."
Chris Trompeter
I'm only 19 and remember my grandma and grandpa even my mom and dad showing me and telling about that life!!!
Honestly I would prefer that life style than this life!!!
Yes to an extent this life is good but I would love to have grew up in this era of life!!!
These days there are to many electronics such as cell phones, video games, etc.
Thank You Miranda For making such a true song!!!
I dont care what anyone or even what Blake says about her. she is absolutely stunning, beautiful and has a lovely voice. Unattractive to look at... pshhhh who is he kidding?
Kimberly Smith
This songs means back when life was simpler, before everything came automatic.
Gracie Shrout
Y'all need to stop saying negative comments about this song and Miranda because this is a great song and Miranda is an awesome songwriter
christina baisden
I remember the references to all these things. Wish things were back to like they were in the 80s, No cell phones, gadgets, kids went outside to play, no video games except Atari.
She is the best thing in country ! I almost quit listening to it , she brought me back.
Breanna F
I love the meaning in this song
I dont know if Miranda ever reads this stuff .......Just wanted her to know how her music is so moving and always takes me back to Happy times ....and her voice is I cant even describe  how much i love it ......your an amazing girl from what i have seen. keep  being you!  your songs get me through some rough days ......from a country girl to another  :)
Joseph Kony
I guess I'm a country boy at heart.
wow this is so beautiful, makes me miss my childhood days :) I think anyone can relate to this.
Horse Trainer
Nothing is more refreshing than a song about the good ol days instead of beer, jacked up trucks, and mudding. Love how down to earth this is. Miranda is the best!
Real Country Music is still alive and kicking. It's taken a beating over the years with Pop and Rap being thrown in where it doesn't belong, but every now and then a song comes out that takes me back to the good old day's when Country Music was pure gold. This song is one of those songs. Thank you Miranda.
Travis Penn
"Staying married was the only way to work things out". Gets a divorce.
There's a cruel irony in this song being produced by a massive music studio, edited, and then sold digitally...
Shannon Linquist
If I directed this I would have had Miranda have flashbacks as her as a teen running up to a payphone dropping a quarter in it ....or riding in the backseat of her dads chevy cranking up the windows and taking selfies with her friends with a Polaroid camera as a kid.......this videos nice.....but it's too subtle. Miranda is beautiful though
evelyn price
She's telling the truth about how it use to be way back then....I love Ran she truu country m even if she changes I'll still love her my idol. ♡♥♥♥♥♡