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Hush, hush, don't you dare say a word

Hush, hush, don't you know the truth hurts

Hush, hush, when push comes to shove it's best to keep it hush, hush.

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Rachel Houtchens
" Since everybody here hates everybody here, I might as well be the joke! " My favorite line!
mirianda daniels
If you were raised in the south this is basically what your parents told you😂
This song reminds me of my family sooo much! We used to go to church every Sun and mom and dad argued the WHOLE way! You best believe when we walked in those doors though, we were the "happy little family." Hush hush! ;)
Peace & Gratitude
Still listening to this is November 2018!!!
Cynthia Cler
Omg, this totally reminds me of my family! You know how durning Xmas people send out those stupid my life is better than yours letters? Instead of our daughter made honor role, ours says our daughter just got out on parole! Lol . How cool would it be to read a family Xmas letter like that? Yes I know some family's are perfect, but what is perfect? I'm happy keeping mine hush hush....
Is it just me, or does song totally point out the hypocrisy of Christianity, going to church, etc... ?
my music
blake was an idiot to let miranda go :( shes beautiful
Chanda Jordan
wish they continued to make music together I love them!!!! Miranda is so gorgeous
Mariah M
Gotta be a baptist dinner lol.
The guitar Guy
Lol her panties says hip pie
Tracy Sampy
I love that they have their actual families in the video. Miranda's parents are so cool.
Justine Dymond
The pastor kinda looks like a perv, but I love these girls.
If life would play background music.. this would be the song at family functions. lol
James McGuinness
"Preacher" Jim Lauderdale has not only written a ton of country hits for George Strait and others, but is a fine recording artist in his own right. I'll betcha 98% of mainstream country fans don't even know who he is.
maudina palmer
This reminds me of all the Baptist pot lucks a went to as a kid.
Mikayla Ybarra
HUSH U PUPPY! Only true southerners will understand this............
Kaylah Harris
No. This is like at my family reunions. My cousin brought over a little sweet Black Girl named Diamond that she was babysittin' and when I told my cousin that Diamond can have whatever she wanted there to eat, my racist uncle kept telling me to shush, but I just kept right on talkin. He's lucky my Dad wasn't standing there, otherwise my uncle's teeth would've either been on the floor or in his stomach.
bluntcity 6ix
that chicken look good
Dayana Huerta
Claressia Hampton
Blake Shelton is crazy and I'm so wishing that he gets what he deserves lol