Jimmy Eat World - Get Right (Acoustic)

Jimmy Eat World's New Album 'Integrity Blues' Featuring "Get Right", "Sure and Certain" and "You With Me" Available Now:

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Jimmy Eat World - Get Right (Acoustic) Смотреть онлайн
so much better acoustic.
Adkins looks so much older.

Probably because he has gotten older.

But he's still handsome.
Just flipping through the Internet and I see that Jimmy ear world just uploaded a video less than a minute ago. Sweet. I'll watch it. I have to now. That and it's Jimmy eat world.
Luiz Guilherme
First like on this amazing song. So much good stuff in one day, Famous Last Words, Yellowcard, From Ashes To New, Train.
pizza enthusiast michael
last time i was this early, mcr was still together.
mike wellington
This song is pure greatness.
god i love this song so muuch
Julen Lian Trehe
Last time I was so early i still was through my emo phase
Anjo da Morte
S C U R V Y 6 1 6
this is some good shit ... not as good as their 2005 to 2012 stuff though.
Jack Rice
I love there the Bleed American album so much it's so good. I also love their new music too, excited for the new album
Anton Aguilar
Excellent Acoustic.
I like this version so much better.
Thomas Canada
wow.....jimmy is still rockin out!! just heard this song yesterday n was like this is a cool ass song!! glad too see that there still rockin it out!! i totally loved the bleed american album back in the day...,
Joseph Quillen
wow this video is SOOOOOO good. his passion here is so real.
Joey Woodpieces
The feeling in this song.....AMAZING!
Snapcase 1968
The new record is really good; this is one of my favorite songs on it.
I havnt listen to them in so long...i gotta catch up again😍😍😍💖💖