Jimmy Eat World - Pain

Music video by Jimmy Eat World performing Pain. (C) 2004 Interscope Records

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Who came here from THUG2 soundtrack?
This band is ridiculously underrated.
Im here because I like Jimmy Eat World
Midnight club 3 dub edition anyone?
Sometimes I miss the 2000s lol
the edgiest edgelord that has ever edged
[intense drifting at midnight through the streets of San Deigo]
I don't feel the way I've ever felt.
I know.
I'm gonna smile and not get worried.
I try but it shows.

Anyone can make what I have built.
And better now
Anyone can find the same white pills.
It takes my pain away.

It's a lie. A kiss with open eyes
And she's not breathing back.
Anything but bother me.
(It takes my pain away)
Nevermind these are hurried times.
Oh oh oh
I can't let it bother me.

I never thought I'd walk away from you.
I did.
But it's a false sense of accomplishment.
Every time I quit

Anyone can see my every flaw.
It isn't hard.
Anyone can say they're above this all.
It takes my pain away.


I can't let it bother me.

[Guitar Solo]

It takes my pain away.


Takes my pain
Takes my pain
Takes my pain
Takes my pain away
Mihai Petre
Always putting the nitrous and running at 250 mph with this song!!!
Tony Hawks Underground 2 :^)
Jamie Griss
make tony hawk great again
Did you know that Jimmy Eat World shortened down to 3 letters is JEW
Grew up watching Smallville.  There was an episode that took place inside a prison.  Near the end of the episode there is a riot, and this is the song that's playing.  I've never forgotten how cool that scene was, and a lot of it had to do with this song.
Memories of hitting puberty brought me here...
My 10 year search for this song finally ended today. After many close calls and encounters with the song (hearing it on the radio, in stores, etc) the search finally comes to an end at last.
Kevin Shields
Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition brought me here.
Nostalgia... That is the only word describing this song from my point of view.
Onyx Storm
Anyone here from Midnight Club III? So many great memories! (;
Midnight club 3
Cody King
I don't understand why The Middle is so overwhelmingly popular when they have other great songs like this one. I guess I don't understand the mainstream population,
Terry Morgan
Am I the only one who realizes that the band's acronym is JEW? lol