Jimmy Eat World - Always Be

Music video by Jimmy Eat World performing Always Be. (C) 2008 Interscope Records

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Alondra Velasco
its a jimmy eat world video marathon for me!!!
THIS SONG! I can't explain what I feel every time I hear it. Nostalgia? Sadness? Happiness? I relate to it so much, and always loved everything about this song and video ever since I hear it.
Brian Dieckman
How do truly great bands like Jimmy Eat World get largely ignored? So sad.
This will "always be" one of my favorite songs from them. :)
Jordan Davies
I used to listen to this album while playing Fallout 3 so now these songs are forever inexplicably tied to nuclear wasteland Washington DC.
Renée Versailles
I think I just found my new favorite band
"I'm alone in this, I'm an ass I've always been" thats what I hear lol.
xx yy
the girl in the video is supercute! and of course, the music is awesome!
This song is about working in a car factory and shitting in the break room.

listen closely
Cherreh Bomb
This song is an ode to all the awkward moments with the opposite sex as an inexperienced teenager.  You act odd around her because she is a girl, but she is outgoing and full of life.  You forget she is a girl and just have a good time.  You laugh, you cry, you share your deepest darkest secrets with each other against all logical thought when you only know her name.  You may talk to her again after tonight and you may not, but you just brushed shoulders with your soul mate.  You only get one chance like this, so when you get yours don't regret not taking advantage of it.

That's what the song means Adrian.
Yoga Cholandha
Is that young Lionel Messi there?
UnLuCkY 13
Jim's hair is always insane.
Jimmy Eat World and The Dangerous Summer! These two Bands provide the best vibes you can create with music :)
This shit is fire bro.
Shines Light
Chase This Light album is super great to listen on the highway.
Especially when it's a clear blue sky with the sun shining and nice wind blowing.
The whole album gives a feel of freedom for me.
If you haven't tried it, Try It!!!
This reminds me of how good the music was not so long ago.
"I thought love would be something that I'd just know. How could you know the feeling until you've lost it? I've been losing plenty since."
Valkyrie Nanjo
This is actually my favourite song... Never gets old! :)
Orange County
Favorite band of all time
Only 3 million views .... I think some people need educating