Diplo - Set Me Free (feat. Liz) (Official Music Video)

Official Music Video | Diplo - Set Me Free (feat. Liz) presented by Bud Light

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Diplo - Set Me Free (feat. Liz) (Official Music Video) Смотреть онлайн
Ian Zandbergen Swag
This beat dropped harder than the Greek economy
Δ lucas
I never experienced a drop so hard since my dad dropped me on my head as a child.
Nicholas Pretel
Diplo gets to relax and do his laundry while the world is having seizures from his music. Not fair...
laura jackson
any music with diplo is sick I love you diplo
Burak Kaan Yasdı
Underrated :(
Rede Kitv
pornhub brought me here
Who is watching in 1945?
Como eu não achei essa música antes <3
Piano Hits! [Pandapiano]
Thumbs Up if you think Diplo is orgasmic
Cathrynne Pelser
Theodor Lammich
Yes! I love Macklemore!
Hey, why 'Set Me Free' isn't available on Spotify?
Lucy Diamond
diplo is pretty hot
Brandon Holleufer
Motherfucking king of EDM
why it's not on spotify?
Brad Bailey
The weirdest thing is when you listen to old Diplo and then come listen to his newer stuff...
Not that it's bad or anything.
But he really sold out.
Lynn Love
I am deeply in love with Diplo. I hope my husband doesn't see this.
0:22 OMG, look at his back, I love freckles !
Freakin Potato
Beat dropped harder then Hiroshima bomb
Veno Music
1:40 I Love it😍😍😍