Aldo Nova - Rumours Of You

Music video by Aldo Nova performing Rumours Of You. (C) 1985 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT

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I'm so glad that I grew up with this amazing music and I will never forget it and I will never ever listen to today crapp music especially rap crapp music old music never gets​ old it gets better , Aldo Nova your music I will never forget it you Rock brother
Michael Lambert
I was the keyboardist of a rock cover band in Spokane, back in 1996, and we did this song, as well as Fantasy. Talk about some good memories. 
Tracy Pizzo
One of the 80's best!
Honey Badger 11 Bravo
One of my fave ALDO NOVA songs. One of hard rock's best composers. ALDO NOVA FOREVER!
Racine Evans
Cool!!! Another cassette I wore out through high school.........awesome memories and awesome music:)
Deerwood Boy
This was better than bon jovi yeah I said it !
What happened to rockin songs like fantasy ??
be ess
you rock Aldo!!!!!
John Smith
Too bad they didn't get Fiona to be in the video.
Looks like Aldo's playing a Charvel.Quite for the underrated guitar player.Twitch was a great album.I had it on vinyl.The song Fantasy is where he made his name but far from the best that he did.
John Smith
This was aldos best album :)
basilio eduardo ponce quintana
Aldo: Rock!!
Zdravím všechny. Nejlepší album od Alda.
Amazing .... Magical !!!!!!!
Seth Schiller
aldo nova like other 80s artists wasn't given the proper notoriety on mtv and radio only played fantasy if you were able to hear it. it wasn't until 1991 when jon bon jovi helped make blood on the bricks. and then mtv and radio and the USA .would play catch up
Jo Mamma
she is hot
oooooh, I love this one! :D Awesome! :D
Cory Bangerter
Love the chick's beestung lips. Rarwwww!
Matthew Paluch
Thee Original Jon Bonjovi!
basilio eduardo ponce quintana
Mr. aldo nova!!
Adrian Dos Santos
el mejor