Aldo Nova - Someday

Music video by Aldo Nova performing Someday. (C) 1991 The Island Def Jam Music Group

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Alberto González
When I hear this kind of music, I just wish I could travel back in time to those days...
Damn this guy was good. The entire band sounded great. I'm pretty proud, in that I've actually got a well-worn cassette tape of Aldo. I played "Hold back the Night" to death.....still get goosebumps over the guitar solo in the middle.....seriously. I guess Mr. Nova derailed his climb to fame by flaming out very early on with severe drug and alky problems (same ol' story....hell....I had a monkey too) and also became too much like the quintessential "rock star" persona, and got a lot of people pissed off at him. you think drugs and alky had anything to do with THAT??  lol.     God Bless you Aldo....hope your life is back in the slow lane mine.
Pretty sure Jon Bon Jovi produced or wrote this album with Aldo Nova. I think it's why it sounds more 80's/90's hair metal than the usual Aldo Nova stuff. Very cool album.
John Wood
I lived them friend wild parts wild women great music good concerts. it was good in the 80s
Byron Guamán
I woke up this morning
And you had gone away
You left a few words in a letter
There wasn't much to say

You wrote
Baby I'm sorry
We sure had some fun
You'll find another
And signed it with love
All of my love

When you need a friend
Just call my name
You know I'll be there
I hope you understand
Cause you are my woman
And I am, I am you man

So I heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend
That you're doing fine
You know I always knew that you would baby
But after all this time
Do you still have my picture?
Do you still wear my ring?
Does your heart beat a little faster when you hear my name?

I'll hold you in my arms
I said I love you I need you
God couldn't tear us apart
I'm going to shake your hand
Cause you are my woman
And I am, I am you man

Only you can save me
Give me shelter from the storm
So cold and lonely
Cover me, baby cover me
Never let me go

I'm too proud to beg
I'm too tired to cry
I'll do anything to show you baby
What I'm feeling inside
Just look in my eyes

I hope you understand
You can't change the world
But I'll do what I can
I'll wipe away your tears
I'll hold you so near baby
You say that love ain't over till you set it free
Baby come back to me
I'll wrap you in my arms
I'm going to take you home
Right back where you belong
Here in my arms
You say that love ain't over till you set it free
Baby come back to me
I'll wrap you in my arms
Someday ...
Billis Lopez
Guy with long, curly hair playing a pink guitar? Oh yeah, it's the 80s all right! AOR forever !!!
Matthew Paluch
Aldo is Thee Original Jon Bonjovi!
Phil X and his Flipstick!! Too cool.
Anthony O'Neill
Best Bon Jovi song not by Bon Jovi
Bon Jovi? Is that you?
Keith Hensley
Love This Song & The Album Blood On The Bricks Is Awesome!!!
Im Trashsz
Medicine man and part 2 someday..? 26 years later where's part 3. (Did the guy get the girl😒)
Wesley Hard86
grande aldo nova, excelente musico
Britton Clan
Phil X!!
who is the girl in video
Delmar1200 Walters
Ru Rub
very good
Robert Daugherty
Sounds a lot like Bon Jovi....and that's not a compliment. Whenever i start to feel nostalgic for the old hair band days I'll hear something like this and decide: "ok, I'm good" and go look for something more recent.