Aldo Nova - Monkey on Your Back

Music video by Aldo Nova performing Monkey On Your Back. (C) 1983 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT

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back when the videos were cheesy but the music was just raw power filtered through Marshall amps.Gritty as hell.Not like this crap today
Racine Evans
Awesome!!!! Great memories from '83. Still have the cassette, and I still rock out to it:) This is was when MTV was worth watching, unlike these days, which is now a toilet bowl of modern pop culture oriented horseshit!! Love this video, and love the '80's. To the two shitbags below who left negative comments about this song, the '80's, or Aldo Nova, well you 2 cock knockers can go take a flying fuck in a pile of fresh pig shit! Stay on whatever lame hipster "flavor of the month" music site you listen to, and let us true rock fans enjoy our music & good times!!!
Donna Butler shepard
great song, sad that the lyrics apply even more to today's youth then it did then..
drummerfella 55
Aldo, David Sykes on Bass,  Kevin Carlson (r.i.p) on lead guitar,  and billy carmassi ( yes...Denny Carmassi's little brother.  Denny was the more famous sibling,  who played with Montrose, Heart and Coverdale-Page)   cool band here.  i remember them on MTV,  before MTV turned into a steaming,  worthless pile of 'affected-90's Gen' DogShit.   some of these guys hangin' around Sacramento in the 80's,  when i was living there.  i played drums for a band called Northrup.   best times...
Bathe Her And Bring Her To Me
when this came out i remember thinking "why is there a monkey on his back"...i wuz 11...
Good Lord, how awesome is this freakin' riff?! Sally is hot as shit, too. Good stuff.
Aldo Nova is great!!
Tin Cup
Most Bad ass anti Drug song ever !!!
Great Canadian Artist
Bad ass jam....Used to listen to this in my old Vette... On cassette...
Bill Kemp
Lord, I freaking love this song.
doug slusher
I lived this so I can relate to this song. I got rid of the "coke' monkey
Jamison Dean
Its a shame that he didnt have another follow to this great tune! Cause this tune kicks booty!
Aldo is one of the greatest guitar virtuosos not many outside of Canada know about. Excellent professional musician.
betos world
WOW I remember this back in the 80s.When music was real and times were good.
Dude at the beginning is using Windows 83.
The late Kevin Carlson (a friend from Fremont, CA) played guitar with Aldo Nova. Kevin is the guitarist saying "Monkey," just after 2:00
When music was music. Raw, crude and with a melody.
Ernest B
Another thought: I think Aldo or at least the video director was highly influenced by the movie TRON. At the end of the Fantasy video, Aldo kind of flickers our like he is being scanned into a computer. At the beginning of this video, he and his band are lasered out of the computer into real life. Cool continuity that I am sure was lost on all of us as teens.
Still a great tune years later.