Takeoff - Infatuation (Audio)

Music video by Takeoff performing Infatuation (Audio). © 2018 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Chicken Lover
Takeoff album better then quavo who agrees
yall sleeping on this track
Gabe Castri
Plot twist: takeoff was the one singing the whole time
FAST Food Pit Stops
🔥🔥🔥 Still listening in 2020 🔥🔥🔥
Clarence Aura
Offset is also coming with a single album,who can't wait to hear it
Most Underrated on the album👀
Broderick Daniel
Takeoff murdered this one 🔥.
If you reading this I hope you get rich one day man I’m done making music 😞💯 it wasn’t for me 🤐😞💯
Tracy KaPoni
This makes me wanna pour some wine, roll a couple of blunts, smoke, and just look through my old photos and diaries. This is real music right here! I was not expecting this at allllll from #TAKEOFF. He's full of surprises I see😏
I didnt like this song at first but it grew on me
Kian1899 #
Best song on mixtape/album??
Cristian Cantu
rIGHT naaaaow! nAAAOOooWWwWw!
Yung Murakami
TakeOff easily the grooviest 'migo
Tracy KaPoni
I feel like he's sharing his mind with us!!!!! THIS IS SO GOOOOOD AND SUCH A VIBE! I was gonna click off at first but the music kept pullin' me in!!! TAKEOFF IS A GENIUS🤓😏
Erik Grimaldo
I can't stop playing this song all over again
Do it look like i was left off infalation??
XOXO DeathTrooper
Why is he rapping on smooth music?
Gavin Riley
Omg first rap song smooth with no cursing. Hmm that's y this doesn't have a million clicks SMH and it's fire
jay valentine
The flow thou❤
Swae lee?