Takeoff - Casper (Audio)

Music video by Takeoff performing Casper (Audio). © 2018 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Hi person scrolling down in the comments
"My grandmama gone and cant be replaced . gently she paved the way" 🙏
Talya 101
Finally out his shell Takeoff u better kill it🔥🔥🔥😤😤😤
This song SO GOOD when you high as shit lmao
Константин Кузнецов
2:01 Beeeeep beeeeep. I'll set it for my message ringtone. Lol
Proxi Centaurian
I wanna look at the stars today 🚀🛸🌌😈👾👽 Issa vibe
ya boi Dave
1:11 "da bwa da bwu da rafe"
Carlos Gonzales
BEST AMIGO 😎🔥🎯🎵🎶💚🎶🎵💚
Maro Zatabus
Bad bich small waist pretty face takeoff drop a💦 next one fire 🔥keep it up I will be listening every single one takeoff put out 💯
co6cozza gaming _867
Like = takeoff
Whos better?
Matthew Torres
My motivation life changing after me loosing my kid bruh this keeps me going
I'm GANNA keep this 💯this song inspire me fr
Chanly Philogene
Nobody else thinks of Phineas and Ferb whenever he says "what do I wanna do today?" or "decided what I wanna do today"??!! 😂
2019 anyone?
Like if takeoff is better than tekashi 69
Elijah crump
Takeoff is the reason for the migo flow quavo bring the melody and offset is the steets/trending fashion(badboy of the group)
Fossett Productions
Like takeoff
Comment lil skies
Daniel Krane
All know Takeoff the best
Strucid Gamerxz
If You Are Reading this, hope you achieve the goals you want to achieve in life, I hope you get rich enough to buy what you want, hope you get famous, I hope y'all get ghosts(car) to ride the wraith. THANKS GUYS! Y'all are all honorable. 🔥👑😂♥
Rahat Miah
Take off.. TOOK OFF 🚀🔥