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Come over here and let me take off your clothes

Cause things I wanna do to you, nobody has to know(know baby).

Just lay your body right here,

Lady have no fear cause ecstacy is near (ooh baby)

Any unexpected positions, bring it on.

Any secret fantasies you see I'll fulfill as long as you sex me.

Sex me, baby baby sex me (sex me baby) sex me sex me baby sex me.

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SlowClass Kai
The king of sex music.😩 This may be my favorite song by R. Kelly😍😍😍
Moniphia Abel
I miss the 90's so much. The music these days is trash.
R.Kelly is mainly responsible for 90's Babies!! Songs like this!!! That R.Kelly&Chill!!! lol
Sam Brown
Is it me or is this song incredibly underrated??
jevera lix tetrax
The 90s was everything I miss those times so much😖
And youngsters like Trey Songs think they know how to sing sensual songs. R&B youngsters these days lost their damn minds. They should hit the 90's, 80's & 70's rewind button & pay homage to the experts.
Talisa Johnson
Was i the only one that heard a zipper unzip @ 1:53 lol
This man is genius...talented, perverted...genius.
Lasondra Gordon
This song turns me on every time i listen to it! 💧💧💦💦😛😛💋💋
Mrs. Mack
nobody can take his Crown
@1:54 that zipper sound had me dodging and shit i thought i was either gonna get pissed on on slapped in the head with someones junk.. WTFFF!!
"I feeeel sooo freaky tonight......"
Carine Kalonji
Things i want to do to u, nobody has to know... He's killin it
Danielle Scott
I love this song. I can listen to this over and over again
....I was linked here from a video that used mayonnaise in a recipe. I am currently trying to find out the relevance...but then again, mayo is quite versatile...
'Girl you're so very wet' --> "Girl I'm so glad we met" LOL
Colleen Murphy
90's Jams never get old. Who's watching 2018
Amy Duncan
Never gets old ......will always be one of my favorite tracks
OMG.😍 This song has been on my repeat all day. This is definitely a twerking &fucking song. Lol
Ashley McCaig
Replay over n over.....