R. Kelly - Summer Bunnies (Contest Remix)

Music video by R. Kelly performing Summer Bunnies (Contest Remix). (C) 1993 Zomba Recording LLC

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RIP Aaliyah😢😭
Kevin Yeoh
I see you Aaliyah ❤️
WildMagnolia Richard
The Beautiful Aaliyah!!! Truly missed sweet angel 👼
Bri nln
I've always loved this remix because of the sample and Aaliyah singing the hook. Her fully clothed self looks better than all those half naked women. I understand it's a summer anthem and they're at the beach but 15 year old Aaliyah had no business being in this kind of video.
Smiley A
I missed the great Aaliyah. This is the time when women were all real and no silicone and booty shots.
This was the summer anthem in high school! R.I.Paradise Aaliyah!
Rida Bone
All Natural 90's booty...Salute!! No mo fake bodies!!!
Marquez Zuberi
Can't go wrong with R. Kelly and the Princess. This is so 90s freak nick vibes lol
Real Talk
Aaliyah and Drea Kelly was in this video 😱
Mona Mathis
I love this song and Aaliyah was so beautiful fully covered up and not scantily clad like the other chics she was a true talent without showing skin and she didn't need to do much to have sex appeal.
douglas d Bird
special thanks to R.Kelly for bringing out the best of Aaliyah , iam sure he misses her aswell
Mikey Jae 4X
Aaliyah was only 14 in this video sheesh r Kelly but a classic
Roney Ramires
More respect for the R&B king 👑
Seasonal Changes
Everyone had Natural Butts.
I love that song more than the original one. RIP Aaliyah.😇💖
Savnik B
I want to hear 2Pac on this beat! 😇🙃😉👌
Al Pizzle
Yeah never heard this version. Hated when R Kelly rapped back then it sounded so forced lol Props on the natural bodies I miss that
Brittany M.
It's ridiculous how beautiful Aaliyah is no matter if she's not trying to be I'm so glad to be named after this goddess ❤❤❤👑 RIH Queen Aaliyah
Matrix Master
🌺 I Gotcha' Back 🌺‏
Untouchable & timeless masterpiece. Queen has everyone shaking with this after 17 years I'm shook. #Aaliyah
jordan cox
I hate how she looked uncomfortable in this video, but as the years passed you can see how she matured and she was very beautiful