Chicane - Offshore (From: 'Chicane - Far From The Maddening Crowds' album)

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From: 'Chicane - Far From The Maddening Crowds' album

In the past he has been dubbed 'the godfather of the Ibiza anthem' but Chicane mastermind Nick Bracegirdle has come a long way since the sun drenched Balearic shores first throbbed to the sound of what is now recognized by many as the archetypal chill out classic 'Offshore'.

'Far From the Maddening Crowds' was the debut album from Chicane when Nick first burst onto the scene back in 1997. Featuring 'Offshore', the album has since become unavailable and is now highly sought after.


Chicane - Early (04:18)

Chicane - Already there (02:55)

Chicane - Offshore (Original Mix) (06:48)

Chicane - Lost you Somewhere (08:27)

Chicane - From Blue to Green (05:51)

Chicane - Sunstroke (Disco Citizens Mix) (09:06)

Chicane - Leaving town (05:59)

Chicane - Red Skies (07:37)

Chicane - Sunstroke (Original Mix) (06:18)

Chicane - Offshore '97 (Original Mix) (09:12)

Chicane - The Drive Home (06:06)

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Вячеслав Евтешин
Best Relaxing Music Ever
From one of the finest albums ever.
love this type of muzic,lint to it alll! day!...
Diana Detsyuk
Yeah... It was my childhood... Good times, good memories and great music!
Wow this Song Still alive! Luv it , one of my best ever ;)
Memories of the best DJ'S Nice one Luv it ;)
Maroun Sassine
Childhood !!! :'(
DJ StyleX
Good Song , I love this song :)
#1 Ibiza track of all time
One of the old bests from Chicane. I don't really like his song nowdays
Nie Ma jak Clasic!
Fox Kyu
Oh god :( Beautifull!!!
casper muselaers
john cryne
Great tune from the past
Slim Reaper
somethings missing from this tune. Vocals?? can't quiet put my finger on it but it doesn't like it did all those years ago.. shame.. anybody know where I can find that '97 track with vicals on it?? It did have vocals, didn't it??