Chicane - Offshore (Disco Citizens Remix)

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In the past he has been dubbed 'the godfather of the Ibiza anthem' but Chicane mastermind Nick Bracegirdle has come a long way since the sun drenched Balearic shores first throbbed to the sound of what is now recognized by many as the archetypal chill out classic 'Offshore'.

'Far From the Maddening Crowds' was the debut album from Chicane when Nick first burst onto the scene back in 1997. Featuring 'Offshore', the album has since become unavailable and is now highly sought after.

Chicane was later cast further into the public consciousness in 1999 with the release of the epic ' Saltwater' which featured Maire Brennan of Clannad. Then in 2000 with the number 1 smash hit 'Don't Give Up' featuring the gravely vocal tones of legendary rocker Bryan Adams, Nick found himself a regular fixture on radio. The release of his second album 'Behind the Sun' followed reaching the Top 10 and becoming a major success across Europe.

The Chicane concept is one of a nomadic band which doesn't conform to the traditional approach of having a single lead singer, working with many different artists and producers. It is a common mistake to think Nick is a DJ -- he is actually the writer and producer within the band and the hub of all the live performances.


Offshore (Radio Edit) (04:28)

Offshore (Disco Citizens Remix) (09:22)

Offshore '97 (A Man Called Adam Remix) (09:03)

Offshore (Original Mix) (06:48)

Offshore 2007 (Original Mix) (07:52)

Offshore 2007 (Instrumental Mix) (07:51)

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When music was beautiful.
year: 1997
Wim Van Gelder
This is one of the tracks that got me into trance.
That alongside others like Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar and Three'n One - Reflect.
truly one of the all time classic tunes, 👍😘😊
Varga Krisztián
The best!!!!
Srigopal Mohanty
Bogdan Bizic
Pure Zen
Luis Miguel JR
Classic track! I love this kind of sounds
Biernot von Hopfen
Stephanie Mellet
yyyyyeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhh. Great.Perfect.
Romeo Filosof
Dan Stopani
Such an amazing track. I really wish this version was on the Far from the Maddening Crowds album rather than the vocal mix.
dutch menneer
Those Roland sounds.. They might sound super cheap these days, but they just make me feel so nostalgic <3
Ben Miles
Still glorious after all these years. This brings back so many great memories.
hoppa 123
ASOT 773!
Stephen Lim
A genuine classic from the late 90s.....
Lan Ne Urchi
3:04 Kickin` great !