Architects - "Modern Misery"

"Modern Misery" by Architects from the album 'Holy Hell,' available now

Director - Lewis Cater

Producer - James Norbury

Director of Photography - Davey Gilder

Production Company - Zebrafish Media


Seven billion hungry ghosts

Just a parasite killing its host

The emperor wears no clothes

I see those brittle bones

But we’re buried by modern misery

There’s not enough water in the world to wash the blood from our hands

We planted a seed

Its roots will suffocate the soul

It grows without light

And feeds from our bones

Hell must be empty

All the devils are here

Singing us the Lord’s Prayer

Finally, something that we all share

I won’t go to the grave

With the song still in me

What are we hiding in the rain?

This is a prison for lost souls

Another life circles the drain

We used to run with the wolves

Now we can’t see the forest

‘Cos there’s no light in the black hole

Don’t try and tell me we are blessed

We used to run with the wolves

Are these our new messiahs?

‘Cos the saviour has a gun to my head

Don’t be fooled by Maya, the kings are all thieves

And the serpents will bite as they please

How has it come to this?

I won’t go to the grave

With the song still in me

And I won’t live like a slave

Begging from my knees

I will not live like a slave

I will not beg from my knees

I will not go to the grave

With the song still in me

We used to run with the wolves

#Architects #Epitaph #HolyHell

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Nik Nocturnal
Damn, they're going hard for that AOTY title.
Denny FrogUgly
└📁 Bad Songs
└⚠️ This folder is empty
Parkway Drive: we’ve got the metal album of the year
Architects: hold my beer
Laura Franke
i need friends who listen to this kind of music badly
Patrick Damacet
my neighbour called cops
cuz I was playing Architects loud.
the cops arrested him
Kareem Majeens
Holy Hell I'm ready for this album.
yoboichris! m
This hits harder than my abuela with her chancla!
Sam is a beast vocalist, he can scream like that with an arrow in his heart? Goddamn...
Nishant Gandhi
Tom would be proud, Dan.
am i the only one who got goosebumps from all released yet songs?
Margarita Romanova
Must be pretty uncomfortable singing with an arrow sticking out of your chest. Proves that Sam truly is the best metal vocalist
You guys okay? Between this and Royal Beggars, you've been losing a lot of blood lately...
Guilherme Meira
Anyone else see this video as a continuation to the story in "Royal Beggars" clip? Dan is suffering from a serious disease. Alex is consumed and benumbed by the alcoholism. Adam is obsessed with money and greed. Josh is hollow and glazed, just working and entertaining with television. And Sam is hurt by speaking the truth with his heart. Each one with it's own "sickness". Maybe this is far-fetched, but I do not doubt such powerful messages from this band. "Holy Hell" is already masterpiece.
MK 25
My nipples are awful hard after listening to this. Anyone else experience this?
martin sedy
3:36 Everytime when I hears this, I just imagine myslef flying through outer space ... absolutely beautiful
Wow Architects did it again, each singles is better than the previous one WOW!!!
Malkit Singh
We Used To Run With The Wolves , You're Right Sam , We Are So Lost Now!!
Hugo Leonardo
I've already heard this song 20 times in a row...Hahaha
Dan Vernon
I'm not quite sure, feel like I'm guessing way more than with "Royal Beggars" but I think I got my very own interpretation of what this track is about.
Throughout the video we have this glass-cube in which they all perform but Sam, who at some point towards the end has managed to break out of it - I believe this cube to symbolise a cage, putting your mistakes on display for everyone, being transparent to others, a 'messiah not wearing any clothes' (Reference to lines 3-4). The fact that Josh, Ali and Adam have in some way a connection to the computer or smartphone in the video and are not being shown to live outside of the that cube, somehow leads me to the thought, that this cage of glass is supposed to reflect our identity online. We are transparent, we are flawed without showing shame, we are naked in a very abstract way. And most importantly, we are caught in this image of ourselves on the web. "This is a prison for lost souls"
Then, there's Dan, who suffocates on the table with Ali facing him and not caring at all. It seems like the mobile in Ali's hands is not only distracting him from the situation, it became more important and hinders him from feeling empathy. He watches Dan die, stands up and takes pictures of the scene, rather than feeling connected to what's happening in any way. The whole verse "We planted a seed..." and so on seems to underline that once more. Josh is starting to bleed from the eyes in a very similar manner he did in "Royal Beggars", where he sat in front of a TV and smoked, Ali is on his phone, not quite yet effected by it. Adam is busy working, handing Josh stuff to do and thereby contributing to Josh's destructive behaviour (I mean, that sentence sounds weird but Josh is literally bleeding so I guess...). Adam too lives in the box but on a passive level, while it's slightly more of an active act for Ali, even more so for Josh who destroys himself.

On the other side we have the very frequently occuring picture of Sam with an arrow in his chest, hit like a hunted animal, like a wolf that has been shot down. 'Running with the wolves' to me stands for a more natural way of living than being caught in this horrific crate of glass and "now we can't see the forest" basically reminds us of how far we have strayed from living freely, how far from being wild and not killing ourselves. He is in his room, not falling for the destructive lifestyle - "I won’t go to the grave, with the song still in me, and I won’t live like a slave, begging from my knees". He lives with the pain, because he believes it is what's right and doesn't trust false 'emperors' or saviours.

That's all I got, I'm sorry for it being a bit rough and way to long. And now - please, someone finally explain to me what the sunflower in every room but the cage is supposed to mean...I can't make sense of it. Thank you all for reading and if you stuck with me, I really appreciate it. Of course this is just my take on the song, dunno if it's any better than guessing. Cheers!
Imran Sahir
Architects and While She Sleeps are two of the greatest bands in business right now. WSS is a bit underrated but they'll get there. I can't wait for this album.