Architects - "Modern Misery"

"Modern Misery" by Architects from the album 'Holy Hell,' available now

Director - Lewis Cater

Producer - James Norbury

Director of Photography - Davey Gilder

Production Company - Zebrafish Media


Seven billion hungry ghosts

Just a parasite killing its host

The emperor wears no clothes

I see those brittle bones

But we’re buried by modern misery

There’s not enough water in the world to wash the blood from our hands

We planted a seed

Its roots will suffocate the soul

It grows without light

And feeds from our bones

Hell must be empty

All the devils are here

Singing us the Lord’s Prayer

Finally, something that we all share

I won’t go to the grave

With the song still in me

What are we hiding in the rain?

This is a prison for lost souls

Another life circles the drain

We used to run with the wolves

Now we can’t see the forest

‘Cos there’s no light in the black hole

Don’t try and tell me we are blessed

We used to run with the wolves

Are these our new messiahs?

‘Cos the saviour has a gun to my head

Don’t be fooled by Maya, the kings are all thieves

And the serpents will bite as they please

How has it come to this?

I won’t go to the grave

With the song still in me

And I won’t live like a slave

Begging from my knees

I will not live like a slave

I will not beg from my knees

I will not go to the grave

With the song still in me

We used to run with the wolves

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Margarita Romanova
Must be pretty uncomfortable singing with an arrow sticking out of your chest. Proves that Sam truly is the best metal vocalist
Laura Franke
i need friends who listen to this kind of music badly
Nishant Gandhi
Tom would be proud, Dan.
Dream Awake666
"Hell must be empty
All the devils are here"

I love that Shakespeare is still a thing in modern lyrics <3
Sam is a beast vocalist, he can scream like that with an arrow in his heart? Goddamn...
Patrick Damacet
my neighbour called cops
cuz I was playing Architects loud.
the cops arrested him
You guys okay? Between this and Royal Beggars, you've been losing a lot of blood lately...
yoboichris! m
This hits harder than my abuela with her chancla!
am i the only one who got goosebumps from all released yet songs?
It took me 12 years to realize that I like hard music. 6 years more to realize that music can be so much more than something you listen to. That was when I found Architects. I started to really getting into bands (not only this one), reading backstorys, interviews, lyrics. Search for things I could learn from songs. I fell into a hole because of bullying, anxiety and shit like that. I bought All our god have abandoned us. And it fucking saved my life. Short moments of bliss, 3 to 5 minutes each, made me rethink many things. Listening to the album over and over again kept dragging me out of my personal hell. At the next Architects show I visited, I cried my soul out. All the emotions. The ability to actually let them out triggered by simple words, sung by a normal person.

September '18, I fell into another hole. Broken heart, more anxiety, the fear of losing my job. Then Hereafter was released, Holy Hell was announced. And I just couldn't stop smiling. Probably one of the biggest smiles in my entire life. For me this band is more than just music. They made me understand what music means to me. They kept me alive. They brought light into my darkest days. And the sad thing is, I will never be able to thank them in person for doing more for me then most people on this planet. So I will write it down here.
Thank you Architects, for giving me the strength to fight my depression. For saving my life twice. And for making the fucking best music, I could listen to.

I look forward to your show in munich next year ❤
So. this was my story. Short version but still longer than i thought it would be. And Thank you to everyone who made the effort to read this.
Guilherme Meira
Anyone else see this video as a continuation to the story in "Royal Beggars" clip? Dan is suffering from a serious disease. Alex is consumed and benumbed by the alcoholism. Adam is obsessed with money and greed. Josh is hollow and glazed, just working and entertaining with television. And Sam is hurt by speaking the truth with his heart. Each one with it's own "sickness". Maybe this is far-fetched, but I do not doubt such powerful messages from this band. "Holy Hell" is already masterpiece.
Adams Vines
This hit me harder than my alcoholic father.
Sebastian Hurtig
The band we need but don’t deserve.
Akshay Dalal
Man I really wish my friends listen to this kind of music..
Parkway Drive: we’ve got the metal album of the year
Architects: hold my beer
martin sedy
3:35 Everytime when I hears this, I just imagine myslef flying through outer space ... absolutely beautiful
jacob rhoads
There’s a reason why this band is having incredible success, ‘cause they deserve it. You don’t just hear it, you FEEL it.
Imran Sahir
Architects and While She Sleeps are two of the greatest bands in business right now. WSS is a bit underrated but they'll get there. I can't wait for this album.
Bud Dean Langley
Architects keeping Metalcore alive that's for sure. Holy Hell is one of the best albums of all time
The lyrics, the emotion, the melody, the heavy riffs, the message behind it and this band. You guys are <3