Plague Vendor - "Locomotive"

"Locomotive" by Plague Vendor

Plague Vendor - "Locomotive" Смотреть онлайн
Ethan. Branthoover
This sounds like it belongs on a pro skater game
Laura R
I clicked this by mistake and it's so good <3
Iron maiden is looking for that opening riff back? LoL
+1 pra playlist
Cristian Chaverri
Nice ❤️
Matty G
These dudes get it
Ross Patti
Sounds like someone thought the misfits should sound more like the doors. Nope, they shouldn’t.
Gen Exo
Sounds a little bit like the end of State of the Union from Rise Against 🤔😊
Saw and met him at Warped Tour. He’s so amazing live!
S.O.S Anjos_Suicidas
Muito bom
Martina BadReligionTina Brito
Yewwww my dads, my Plague Boys did it again! Gracias Plague Vendor y Epitaph! Oosh Brandon and the Whitt boys hotties. My homies in Aussie y New Zealand are asking for youse! Stay at my bro Steve’s in Wellington. #KIWIBROCREW loves and welcomes you!!❤️❤️ Miss youse!! 😘😘😘😘
Ben Hardinn
Awesome 🔥
Third baby.
Ed Emmerson
My new showreel track for sure.
Ginjah Ninjah
Um who?
LostElement 22
Any body else think of Tom petty running down a dream in the beginning of the song
Jerry Scharbrough
Video shot in sacramento?
José Augusto dos Santos
That was a badass song. Liked it a lot!!
Derk Ender
this is dope