Neko Case - "Last Lion of Albion"

"Last Lion of Albion" by Neko Case from the album 'Hell-On' available now

Directed by Laura Plansker

Director of Photography: Laura Plansker

Puppets and Props: Laura Plansker

Set Construction and Rigging: Gary Smith

Puppeteering: Timothy Lagasse

After Effects Artist: Orrin Anderson

Neko Case - "Last Lion of Albion" Смотреть онлайн
Henrique Vianna
My favorite song from the album, this is gorgeous.
Ben Espinosa
Creative and beautiful Music/Art.
Megan Redpath
I adore k.d. lang's backing vocals in this. But then again, I adore k.d. lang full stop. Great album Neko. x
lanson gray
Love you neko
Malcolm O'Callaghan
Beautiful video to my favorite song from the new album.
Me gustó el arte
No me gustó la rola
This song and video is perfect
vic aldama
Good fuckin art! I really liked the end of the video.
Gary timeloop
"Last Lion of Albion" has an interesting anagram. lost-labia-fool Inn. Letzte Löwe von Albion - In German, it sounds like Last Love von Albion. Albion is a Celtic baby name which means "she knows". So is the title of the song saying "Last love for she knows"? (von can mean either "for" or "of").
One thing that I'm wondering what other people think is about when in the video the Lion was on the log or raft or whatever it was and it was about to go over the waterfall. It looks like the head of the lion turns into an owl, first, and then next it appears to turn into an eagle. I think the artist was trying to convey two symbols, here. The first is that of a transition to a state of enlightment. Owls are wise. But maybe more importantly, perhaps is when the head turns into an eagle. An animal that has the rear end and shoulders of a lion and the head of an eagle is a Gryphon or Griffon. This is a legendary mythical godlike creature. Thoughts?
Adrian Strickland
one of the best six songs on the CD. I'm surprised she didn't get a real lion for the video. Good thing my mercy isn't lost
Vasoula Tsiminaki
just a great song ! and the video is adorable
Jackie G
Absolutely beautiful visually and musically.
Arthur Stone
Thank you :D
Sergej Lovrekovic
Sean Ferrell
Neko would you ever work with The Handsome Family Band?
joao paganini
Neko was right: such incredible visuals-- congrats, Laura Plansker. oh and I love the album
I love it! Brilliant visual!!
Gary timeloop
Okay, well now I'm starting to see an Apocalyptic theme in this song. One way of looking at the title is "Last Love/Lion of SHEKNOWS. SHEKNOWS might be referring to Sophia or the Holy Spirit, or both. Does this symbolize the Holy Spirit leaving?

"The question of the Holy Spirit not being present during the tribulation results from a misunderstanding of 2 Thessalonians 2:7, which reads, “For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who now holds it back will continue to do so till he is taken out of the way.” Right now, prior to the tribulation, one of the ministries of the Holy Spirit is the restraint of evil. In verses 8 and 9, we learn that the restraining power of the Holy Spirit holds back the “lawless one” (Antichrist) so he is not revealed before God wills it. The passage says the Holy Spirit will no longer restrain the growth of evil, but that does not mean He will have no ministry whatsoever."


Sorry, these nitwits call the Holy Spirit a he, but I think you get my point.
Jina Gibson
I'm jealous
Sudarshan Singh Ashiya
Nice video