Neko Case - "Last Lion of Albion"

"Last Lion of Albion" by Neko Case from the album 'Hell-On' available now

Directed by Laura Plansker

Director of Photography: Laura Plansker

Puppets and Props: Laura Plansker

Set Construction and Rigging: Gary Smith

Puppeteering: Timothy Lagasse

After Effects Artist: Orrin Anderson

Neko Case - "Last Lion of Albion" Смотреть онлайн
Henrique Vianna
My favorite song from the album, this is gorgeous.
Megan Redpath
I adore k.d. lang's backing vocals in this. But then again, I adore k.d. lang full stop. Great album Neko. x
Neko Case is a genius, thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
A Google User
Great makes me sad... Love the new Anti album. Good on yas
Jesus Lopez
Neko’s work always moves me
joao paganini
Neko was right: such incredible visuals-- congrats, Laura Plansker. oh and I love the album
Ben Espinosa
Creative and beautiful Music/Art.
Matt Hayashi
Love this track!
This song and video is perfect
Amazing video for a great song.
Malcolm O'Callaghan
Beautiful video to my favorite song from the new album.
Joe G. Bear
*JOE BEAR'S BEST OF 2018* #11 - NEKO CASE "Hell-On" - Favorite track is "Last Lion of Albion" #BEARSBESTOF2018
Quaggle Doo
wow really good video, well done, made me like the song even more
lanson gray
Love you neko
Jay Stewart
I’m so happy I found you, Neko.
I saw her in concert recently at the Fremont in SLO and my world was rocked. Her vocals are amazing live, more remarkable than on record. I left awestruck.
Sounds like Neko with Calexico.
Jina Gibson
I'm jealous
Sudarshan Singh Ashiya
Nice video
Adrian Strickland
one of the best six songs on the CD. I'm surprised she didn't get a real lion for the video. Good thing my mercy isn't lost
Jackie G
Absolutely beautiful visually and musically.