Brandon Flowers - Crossfire

Music video by Brandon Flowers performing Crossfire. (C) 2010 The Island Def Jam Music Group

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Abhishek Basnyat
the killers are underrated
Hitchin A' Ride
My brother doesnt like than song, the funeral is tmrw
this dude looks like the guy from the killers
Gabe Gomez
Hahaha the girl's all like "Getting real tired of your shit Brandon"
Julia Page
brandon looks adorable in this
Chloe Kristee Leigh
Hahaha Charlize be like "Brandon, do I REALLY have to keep saving you from these ninjas ."
Flowers is a master of the chorus
Diego R. de la Rosa
"Anaconda" wins awards for its video and this video is forgotten. What's going with the world?
Last scene is like, "Brandon, you've been a naughty boy getting kidnapped all the time, but I still love you."
Gabrielle Marty
Charlize Theron is ssssooooo beautiful!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Ellen Vera
Anyone else think he sounds like the lead singer of the killers?
I'd get kidnaped by ninjas everyday if it meant Charlize Theron would come to save me everytime
Dougie Haggerty
I laughed at Brandon's face at 1:27 lol , when bae kills that Nina for you
Reminds me of the tv series "Chuck", with Sarah saving Chuck numerous times.
Marty Trindle
I absolutely LOVE Charlize Theron in this video! She can save me anytime!
I can't believe this is 6 years old.
I want to be reincarnated into Charlize in my next life
johnny Smith
5 years have passed, but still nothing beats this one... the best i've heard for so long.
Manu Saboo
this song is so underrated poor brandon