Jorja Smith - The One

Director: Hector Dockrill

Production Company: Pulse Films

Styling: Leah Abbott

Make up: Carol Lopez Reid

Hair: Mitchell Cantrell

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Josh Tatem
Jorja could easily make the intro to a James Bond film, her voice is unreal
you and i are like my buttcheeks after all the shit that goes between us we always get back together
it's difficult picking the right i'm leaving you outfit
Kay Harris
[Verse 1]
Never had to work for love
Don't need you to show me how
Don't want to be falling in
When I'm falling out
Didn't think I'd give for love
Every time I hold it back
Now there’s lust in my head
I'm tryna find who I am

There's choosers, there's takers
There's beggin' heartbreakers
I don't wanna be that way
You will never hear me say
"Come hold me, console me"
When, really, I'm lonely
Even if I feel this way
I don't wanna feel this way
When I—

Meet someone
I don't want to need no one
I'm not tryna let you in
Even if I've found the one

[Verse 2]
Never had to wait for love
Always thought it'd come around
You come for me
But I'm nowhere to be found
Cancellations for conversations
I don't need right now
I'm afraid of these relations
I can't be tied down

There's choosers, there's takers
There's beggin' heartbreakers
I don't wanna be that way
I don't wanna feel this way
When I—

Meet someone
I don't wanna need no one
I'm not tryna let you in
Even if I've found the one

I don't wanna feel this way
When I—

Meet someone
I don't wanna need no one
I'm not tryna let you in
Even if I've found the one

Wow 200 likes. I love commenting lyrics. The rest are wrong and I seen people was getting angry about that. ☺️

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Natasha Hart
That feeling of pushing someone away but wanting to be close but you fear they will hurt you .
Eddy G
How didn’t she win best new artist
ya mom
Everytime she tries to leave she still goes back
Asmaa Chabiba
For me, this song speaks volumes about unhealthy choices we makr in our romantic lives ... when she says "You'll never hear me say come hold me console me when really I'm lonely" " I don't want to be this way when I need someone, I don't want to need no one" it's a sharp jab at my habit of not wanting to let anyone in, "even if I find the one", past abuse tricks us into thinking so low of ourselves and we don't even realize it. I only discovered lately quite some troubled tendencies of mine.. I can't seem to believe that the other person loves me and cares for me. It's quite impossible to me, the feeling is too foreign to me and the thought is too strange. Emotional abuse makes us think we are so unworthy of being loved back. And there is nothing that hurts more than the realization of " oh, I can't seem to comprehend and believe that you love me no matter how hard you try to prove it, and everytime you prove it to me I am astonished, because I truly believe no one can love me back and that is why I might never accept your love." I have always been on the giving end, so being on the receiving end is confusing. It's very sad to think that way. And then here's what's even more sad : the fact that we stay even when we know that we deserve more, even when we know that the other person will always take advantage of our emotional vulnerability . We stay because we think to ourselves " I'd rather so little of him than nothing at all" . We settle for the less, we compromise ourselves in the process. We know we deserve better, we just don't accept what's better, because then again we're so picky "Never had to wait for love, always thought It'd come around, but every time you come for me I am no where to be found" . We could have the bestest match for us right infront of us and only then will we start acting awful,distant, out of hand and unavailable because it's foreign to us so it throws us off our balance. And then we're stuck in this endless cycle of giving too much, regretting it, refusing to give up one's self any longer, packing and leaving, craving whatever crumbs we were given, going back to giving too much, meeting the right person, refusing to believe we can be loved, refusing their love unintentionnally. Repeat.
Vânia Silva
The Weeknd X Jorja Smith Jeez
Soluchi {Michael Jackson Lookalike, Dancer, VFX}
What a Beautiful human being.
Devin Winter
There's Choosers (Picky)
There's Takers (Complacent)
There's Begging (Desperate)
Heartbreakers (Inconsiderate)

It's crazy how simple she broke this down in the hook, and when you look back, most of us have been (or know someone who has been) one of these people.

What I love about the video is that Jorja tries to leave someone who may or may not seem to care, especially when she herself has mixed feelings about the relationship, because she doesn't want to be too attached, but she's so afraid of her own loneliness that she can't seem to slip away. Yet, at the very end, she realizes how she'll be fine on her own, once she leaves that part of herself behind.

vee monreal
I kinda hate this because I feel like each and every time she hoped he would chase after her and because she didn’t really wanna part ways she’d run back to him even though she was trying to be strong... love you Jorja you masterpiece
Khaleel Khalifa
Who else got that James bond vibe from this?
Artur Ryba
I cant resist how simple yet beautiful is this music video
Gucci Anthony
This is the kind of artist on an artistic level that will be ignored by the main stream she's too talented
The bass line & violin is such a satisfying combination, but the lyric make me want to cry... I relate to them too much
els theconnector
such a sad video, the feels of when you love the person so much, and you cannot leave them even when you know you should.... horrible feeling, you want to feel wanted, leaving them but they dont go for you, so you end up going back to them...
anshik gupta
The melody is so emotional
:/ I'm confused, everyone is talking about how this represents an abusive relationship but I don't see it. I felt like it is about being different from everyone else in the sense that she is guarded and never wants to show her vulnerabilities like feeling like she needs someone to console or comfort her. Like guys fall in love with her but she never truly reciprocates. Those conversations that they ask for concerning her feelings always get cancelled by her. I didn't see any sign of abuse in the music video. I don't know, may it's wishful thinking, but this song really resonated with me.
This is so addictive
Haider Tariq
I hope Jorja gets to sing the next Bond movie opening credits song. Her voice really reminded me of Bond Movie opening for some reason 😂