Shenseea - Tie Me Up


"Tie Me Up"

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Junior Lexus
Big up yourself Shenseea!.. keep up the great work and continue 2 rise above the crabs.😉🦀🦀🦀🇺🇸🇯🇲🌴☀️🌴🎶🎧🎵🔥🔥🔥🔥
Heidi HolderTv
Mi ah go get breed pin this track. Big up yourself Caribbean gal dem run tings. The world has yet to see your true Attention potential.
Queen Kae
Girl if mi lub yuh one more time 3rd time you a sing mi fav song first a did shenyeng anthem den yuh Ave trending gyal now mi fully obsessed with tie me up
video clean big up shenseea! sky is da limit
Lyrics Of The Dancehall
MANagement!!! She ready fi a girl baby!😂
Joanna Singh
Who here before a million views
Suh him nuh plan fi get up? 😂
Michaela Jasmine
She’s so beautiful 😫
Britney Gabbidon
This likkle nerd really buck him foot n drop😂🤣🤣 dawg get up
Kash music
been waiting for this soo longg 🤞🏽💯💯😌
Mika Hill
💯Tie me up 😫have this pon repeat till my neighbor say meh ah abuse it 💯my fav artist 😍💯
The Royal Family Edits
Soon to be Queen of Dancehall🤤😵😍 me😏
Katie Alicorn
Bloodclaat dis slap weh 😂😂 leave a like if yuh waa tie up smaddy or get tie up lool
The video is good but I was expecting more to happen when he tie you up, but instead the rass man only drop and lick him head seriously dude you fi a beat the 🐱 😂
Ily basati
1:03 inspired by the movie Gerald's game & I'm obsessed lol team #SHENYENG for the win
Jamafrican Empress
Nice one for the honeymoon 😅... Shenseea always bringing something new to the table, real trendsetter #trendinggal
Kemar Edwards
Here before the 1mil views 👌🏾💯
Mike Blutzie
Shes gettin chubby
Dre Ben Rich
I dunno who those dislikes are.. but c'mon! This is a sexy, yet comically entertaining video. When dude fell out, and she was stuck, tied up! Different, from the mostly super sexy prior videos
Sabra Stewart
You are missing two of your nails cute song thou