Smokepurpp - Sauce Like This (Official Music Video)

Prod. by A Lau

Directed by NO CRDNTLS

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ola opebiyi
“When I used to go school I never had a pencil” I felt that 😥
tummy tux
Smokepurpp: Doesnt have pencil.
Drops out
No Jumper
Greedy Skittle
Next year songs will be 20 seconds long
If you hate school make this button blue
Antonio Ruiz
why didn't he just ask for a pencil lol
Tekashi 6ix9ine
Finally a Aggressive beat
lil lean
Lil Wateeerrrr💦😍 like if you remember
Unforsaken Lion
Smoke is low key underrated
Luke Stassen
smokepurpp:"If nibba want to run up on me I am gonna blow him like a wistle"
smokepurpps gang:*steps back *wait what?
mad ting
Damn Nav switched up his flow this fya
Savion Kent
Nav cant Sauce like this
After two weeks only 1,4 mil views?
Call Me Daddy
His haircut makes him look like a Carlos
denis bucur
Def felt the pencil part😂🤦🏻‍♂️
Brook Lin
I blow him like a whistle - Smokepurrp
Division YouTube
0:01 when you don’t get season 7 battle pass
HpNTiix リアム
0:27 Lil purp doing those Shadow Clones like Naruto
chetan gulvankar
2021: songs will be of 5 seconds
And people will be like that beat was fire he dropped bars
swirf !
He really turned into an omar 💀

edit: his real name is actually Omar. Dont believe me? Look it up.