James Arthur - Silent Night (Live) | Vevo Official Performance

Die Liebe hat immer das letzte Wort
Beautiful jazzy version....love it! Thank you James, and have a peaceful time...you were so brilliant on X factor with Dalton!
M. Jo
Oh my!! James Arthur singing the name of Jesus😭...beautiful.

I wanna dedicate this song to all who's reading this comment.
Merry Christmas you all😘and a Special Merry Christmas to you James ❤❤x
Stefan Bernard
Omg.. I had goosebumps all through. Who is with me?
Laurelle Būdvytis
If you google PERFECTION, it redirects you here.
Ângelo Cardoso
He such a legend!!! who agreed, press the like!
Jeorge So
Wow . .. James.... When you sing it turns out dramatic
Mara Moreno
Jesus what happened from 2:42 on .....THAT GOSPEL 🤯🤯🤯💥💥🧡🧡🧡👏👏👏
James Arthur is my favourite singer. His voice is heaven for me <3
Maddie Zappitelli
Who thinks he doesn’t get the attention he deserves?!
Munyi Marv
This is one of the most beautiful unique voices ever
Hafsat Shuaibu
2:42 to 3:20 wasn’t human 😨😨
Kassia _
my song for this Christmas..
Best Christmas gift in 2018
AnyaGDaGamer !
This is a different song!
Neto Manoel
This man is so amazing! OMG, thks for the Christmas song, I love that so much! <3
Gigi Sage
Christmas with James Arthur 😆❤ will surely add this to my christmas playlist
Slime is good
Wowwww who's here before 1 million views?😍😘
MusicSoul SKing
This makes my Christmas complete. It deserves to be at the top and on all radios. I have tears streaming involuntary down my face, utterly beautiful. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. 🔥✌🙏❤
Elaine B Shields
😍😍😍 Happy Christmas to me 😁😁😁 Beautiful James😉👌👌
Lizzie Bui
Now I want to hear him singing "All I want for Christmas is you" Michael Bublé's version :)