BYU Vocal Point - What Child Is This?

Celebrate Christmas with us and our single "What Child Is This?"

BYU Vocal Point - What Child Is This? Смотреть онлайн
BYU Vocal Point
"The King of kings Salvation brings, let loving hearts enthrone him." We hope our new video helps you remember what this wonderful season is really about!
Daniel Soderquist
The soloist has such a powerful and beautiful voice. Wow. Great job everyone!
In love with the new lead singer. His voice is AMAZING!!!
Violin Heart
This is so Amazing 😍soo Beautiful harmony😍god bless every viewer 🙏🏽
Elias Johnson
I have been humming this hymn for months now, I am so glad they did this cover!
Yaphet!!! What a seraphic voice! Ever since the last VP concert, I've been waiting for a video featuring Yaphet as the lead singer. And lovely beats and harmonies all around. Thank you for sharing!
Persia Cruz
I sang this at my winter concert with my choir and I enjoyed it so much! I also enjoyed seeing you guys sing it, great job!
Papa Jeff
With so much junk on the radio and tv Thank you guys and Our Father in heaven that we get to listen to this. Thank you so much. May God bless your lives and your music. Texas
Webster Jerry Noronha
Wow! This is so in my Christmas song list now... I wish I could sing like you guys... Brilliant!
Steven Stewart
VP's Christmas album is one of my all-time favourites. HE IS BORN and INFANT HOLY, INFANT LOWLY are just magic. This new song makes me hope that VP does another Christmas album next year... the arrangement is utterly glorious and so full of passion, emotion, and real spirit. (And THANK YOU for making sheet music available.) Amazing job to all involved. Thanks from Finland.
This is so on "point" hehe. I love it.
Great voices! Congrats #yaphet! Desde Chile con amor y admiración
Tayevaughn Williams
That soloist can SAAAANG
musikathi N
I soooo love all this voices! Incredible! ❤
Hjjhgg Ggghhhgg
Waw waw c'est magnifique superbe j'ai aimé leurs vois واو واو احببت صوتهم راءع جميل خلاب اه احسست باني اطير بعالم اخر bonne continuation bravo good continuation
Sonja Ervin
So fantastically wonderful....I was so well done and beautiful. Thank you.
listen to your heart
Is it normal that I've got a frisson?)) This is absolutely perfect. Have no other words. God bless you, guys!
From Ukraine. With love

P.s. can't stop listening
Lila Romero
Ron Simpson
NIce mix of hipness and sincere devotion.
josh vlog
This song very beautiful, good job!Merry Christmas from Indonesia. Let us adore Jesus the King of kings