The Weeknd - The Hills (Live On SNL) ft. Nicki Minaj

The Weeknd ft. Nicki Minaj - The Hills (Live On SNL)

The Weeknd - The Hills (Live On SNL) ft. Nicki Minaj Смотреть онлайн
Complex Savage
nicki didnt look weeknd in the eye, because she knew she would be going home with him 😂😂
She gets so shy and tries not to laugh when he's in her face it's hilarious and cute they seem to really like each other good friendly chemistry
Kakka CarrotCake
Idgaf if Nicki is fake. I would be bustin all types of nuts bruh
Monica Ivette
Nicki always makes sure her features are as good as her own songs. Like I love that she puts in the same effort. Queen.
Ṧậƀṙǐñậ Čậřṁøñậ
Nicki was shy asf around him.😂 I LOVE IT. THEY WOULD LOOK SO CUTE TOGETHER
Conner Kocik
Meek probably backstage with a knife
Destiny the Model
I'm usually very territorial about Abel around female (like any other x'o girl ) but 2:28-2:50 is 😩😭😍
Meek ain't hittin that right she was feeling him.
Am I the only one who thinks Nicki should be with Weeknd ? He seems nice and humble.
Jamyla Hawkins
Nicki has them killer looks then at the end of the video she starts to smile
it's pretty obvious that they didn't rehearse but it ended up fine. there was a lot of sexual tension or something between them...
Isis Rose
Hes acted so shy when Nicki was checking him out lmao
sound like Michael Jackson at end
Nicholas Aaron
Watch this performance vs his most recent appearance about exactly a year later, he seems so much more comfortable and energetic on stage.
Rooney Imogen
What he doing with that little girl Bella? What Nicki doing good with that dude named wind mill or whatever?.... Lol they would be so hot together
The Weeknd Videos
Nicki and Abel would be a great cute couple 😊💝
You guys have to understand, for Nicki and Em to rap on that beat was pretty bold for them especially Nicki. This beat isn't made for a rapper so I know it was hard to execute it perfectly when rapping. And this is Nicki's least potential verse she has released throughout her entire career but it still slays!!! But I really wish she would have had a 2nd verse so it would have made it to the Top 10 of iTunes. Anyways the "sexy drug love" performance, vocals,and raps is pretty seductive with the chemistry between these two. Hope the work together again.
The Weeknd > Meek. Facts
i love how the Weeknd always does the classic bow after his performance. Classy artist with the best ability since MJ
Abel and Nicki would be a weird, yet interesting couple.