The Great Game. 29.11.2018

In this episode, we have a special guest: America’s leading expert on Russia, historian and author Stephen F. Cohen. We talk about the White House going bipolar and the degradation of political thought in the US.

Why is Russophobes so prevalent? How do you deal with neo-McCarthyists? And whose side is Donald Trump really on? Who makes decisions in Washington? And what should we expect from the G20 summit in Argentina?

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Daniel Smith
Main Stream American media is a extension of the CIA and propaganda!
Thank you for posting and translation. It is useful information.
Johnnyc drums
London has been driving a wedge between the USA and Russia since before our civil war.
Arte Tur
Thx for translation.
Great discussion !
Notice how YouTube labels Channel 1 a Russian Government station, basically telling people not to watch it or believe it. Do they do this for other channels controlled by interests hostile to Russia? Welcome to neo-McCarthyist America.
TheXxinsanexX x
great video
Steve Baziuk
lack of opposition in the American main stream media?Maybe because the free world is all in agreement that Russia is in violation of international rules. Perhaps professor Cohen prefers state run media that silences its critics with mysterious window jumpings and other murders......Funny how Cohen fails to ridicule the Kremlin on that