Bullet For My Valentine - Radioactive (Audio)

Music video by Bullet For My Valentine performing Radioactive (Audio). © 2018 Bullet For My Valentine, under exclusive license to Universal Music Operations Limited

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Francisco Reyes
Imagine bullets for my valentine
nasr almaghout
Ok.... from covering Metallica pantera and Ozzy... now doing this cover 🤦‍♂️
Richem Sangtam
The original was heavier.😂😂😂
They covered Creeping Death back in the day....I miss old Bullet
Abe bhadwe XDD
IS it just me who thinks that this was better than the original??? Love = BFMV🔥🔥❤❤
Iqbal Hidayat
We need something like Heavy Metal from BFMV, not like pop music
Tristen MT
Would've been better with Matt's actual vocals instead of this weird tinny robotic version
Remi Courtois
I like this remix 👍🏻 he still in the thème of the album
There's just something about Matt's vocals that are so iconic even on a cover..
Old and over played, bullet bring the metal back
Ashish Lugun
Siddid Dey Purkayastha
Little bit of growl could have made it better but it's good anyways
Анастасия Цветкова
I turned it on and i was like "WHAT??? YOU'RE KIDDING?"

but i like it😏
I never miss a single upload they make
jesse zimmermann
Meh. Whatevs... Architects: Holy Hell is out. Dominates anything from gravity...
jorge sanchez
Bullet For My Dragons
Ziyad Ousmand
Imagine Valentine? Bullet for my Dragons?? 🙁
Darryl Reimer
Honestly the worst thing I've ever heard from bullet.
Sam Slayer
Vocals are better than the original song
Laxmi Dubey
From Metallica.... Motorhead?? What is This?
I liked gravity but not this one...
I was expecting one cover of Linkin Park song...in tribute to Chester 🗣️❤️