Luke Christopher - PREFER THE RAIN (Audio)

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EP 91
Damn Luke, I'm loving this project. You give me something to look forward every weekend, amazing and unique. Keep it up legend.
Gotta be one of the most creative and versatile artists out there
gamingbros 54
Plz fix the bass in Hathaway 😢😓even though this song 🔥🔥
Luke. Don't you EVER stop dropping these bangers! ❤🔥
Kyle Kuzma
Every single Thursday night I look forward to what you are gonna drop next.. You never disappoint Luke.. wow.
Le Mao
Wish this project wont end,we need this every friday for a lifetime!
Obito x Kakashi
My ears are blessed🙏🙂
Irie Kudrin
one of the best ones yet 😍😭 can’t wait to see you live ❤️❤️
Shes Bootyful
This made me cry 😭
Don C
honestly this is dope af
Here from spotify..... You have for sure gained a fan over here.... love your work!
I love commenting on songs I know is quality and isn't getting near the amount of love it should. Underrated song for sure!
orion reid
Reminds me of xxxtentacion
Aj Doh
This and Hathaway are two of the best, so FIX HATHAWAY PLEASE.
Edward Cee. Adam Adam
never dissapoint
always bringing those 🔥🔥🔥
Daniel Peterson
Gets better every time! Much love Luke ❤️🔥
F Lopez
Haven’t heard it yet ...but 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Chian Condesa
♥️ new fave,new jam😍✨
Notifications gang holy shit this is a banger
Jess Brown
🔥🔥🔥 this beattttt