(Underneath the) Lovely London Sky (From "Mary Poppins Returns"/Audio Only)

Music video by Lin-Manuel Miranda performing (Underneath the) Lovely London Sky (From "Mary Poppins Returns"/Audio Only). © 2018 Walt Disney Records

(Underneath the) Lovely London Sky (From "Mary Poppins Returns"/Audio Only) Смотреть онлайн
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Sean MacWHYre
Any movie that starts with Lin-Manuel Miranda singing knows what it's doing.
Luisa 123
I just watched this today with some friends and as soon as I got home I downloaded he soundtrack. It’s absolutely beautiful and the songs are amazing
The Barona Native
Now we wait for Mary poppins to return in the next 50 years.
Hybrid Beastling
this song makes me want to visit London
Sydney White
Jake Sonsel
The whole soundtrack is practically perfect in every way!
Lily Russell
Lin went from American revolution to England real quick
That Thespian Person 97
Lin Manuel is my favorite human ever and his voice is perfect in every way thank you for casting him.
Frank Lesher
When the early mornings have come and gone
Through the misty morning showers
I greet the dawn
For when the light has hit the ground
There's lots of treasures to be found
Underneath the lovely London sky

Though the lamps are turning down
Please don’t feel blue
For in this apart of London town
The light shines through
Don't believe the things you've read
You never know what’s up ahead
Underneath the lovely London sky

Have a pot of tea
Mend your broken cup
There's a different point of view
Awaiting you
If you would just look up
I know

Yesterday you had to borrow from your chums
Seems the promise of tomorrow never comes
But since you dream the night away
Tomorrow's here
It's called today!
So count your blessings
You're a lucky guy
For your underneath the lovely London sky


Soon the slump will disappear
It won't be long
Sooner than you think you'll hear
Some bright real song
So hold on tight to those you love
And maybe soon from up above
You'll be bless so keep on looking high
While you’re underneath the lovely London sky
Lovely London sky
Your Fellow Queenie
Manuel Orozco
I instantly recognize that melody from the trailers. Lin's singing is not that bad at all. It's like he's singing a whole new version of the title number from In the Heights in terms of him as Jack introducing the story.
Vlad Sicoe
The perfect way to start the best movie of the holiday season. This year was a great one for the movies. Spring had Avengers, Summer had Mamma Mia, Autumn had Bohemian Rhapsody and Winter has Mary Poppins Returns.
Chysand Zain
This song sounds like Lin's singing his G'morning, G'night tweets. It's gives a really good vibes both from beautiful lyrics and from Lin's lovely voice. When I heard this in the theatre I thought I would actually die.
Rafael Gómez-Ruiz
2:37 Musical quote from the song "The life I lead" (the song that Mr Banks sings at the beginning of the 1964 film)
Libby’s Unicorn family
His voice is sooo perfect for this film. For an example 1:57
Landon Swalt
Yeah but who woulda thought Alexander Hamilton survived that gunshot and changed his name to jack
Shaylee Maldonado
has anyone else see the movie, it is a masterpiece isn't it, also I love that Lin-mineul Miranda is in it, I am a huge hamilton fan
Commander Trauma
I like trip a little light fantastic and this.
Lafayette 8619
Lin: Underneath the lovely London skyyyy
Brits: soaking wet squinting through fog WHAT DO YOU MEAN
Did Lin really reach that high note?!