Jakob Dylan - You're No Match

Music video by Jakob Dylan performing You're No Match. (C) 2011 A Little Help, LLC.

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Rob Benedict!
Brandon Young
love it. looks like a good movie. I love Jenna Fischer. she should marry me.
kitty bobkitticat
Great talent ..great song but..... .coolsweetgroovy... your comment about his looks compared to his fathers is not cool, sweet or groovy
8Otherwordly Adventurers
There is glory in taking you back under G-d's wing it's call repentance... wrong again Jakob..... good try!
So after seeing Jakob Dylan for the first time since I was very young watching MTV bopping along to the Wallflowers I realized things my eight yr old self did not. Mostly, I remember vaguely thinking that he looked cool at eight, this feel has evolved quite a bit. In fact my reaction was so apparent/extreme that my fiancee told me Jakob was dead. I have never "fan girle-d" before in my life until that moment...
Rashawn Mckenzie
Zzz PO
Steven Bailey
"A Little Help"......very cool "little " film.Neflix.
barry schlesinger
Outstanding. The fruit does not fall far from the tree. Keep playing Man!!
Debbie Sandman
Chris O'Donnell <3 Jakob Dylan <3
Jakob Dylan is still as hot as ever and also still better looking than his dad LOL
mooney ramone
i am in love with this song.
Jakob is part of a very small group of musicians whos just truly talented but is overlooked. Such a beautiful song! I truly believe music is just gonna continue to get worse by the year... Eventually all we'll have is good memories of what music used to be....
Anna Marie
I would really like to know what the name of the movie is that is playing in the back ground of this beautiful song please??????     Anna Marie
Richard Harter
Elton john
Either this song was about one of his ex girlfriends or it was just written for this movie? 👽👽👽
Kathy S. Durbin
He wrote this song just. For the movie he does alot of soundtracks
Kathy S. Durbin
the movie is with a help on Netflix
tracy watson