The Wallflowers - Sleepwalker

Music video by The Wallflowers performing Sleepwalker. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 182,857 (C) 2000 Interscope Records

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Aunt Dutie
Talk about a kid who got the best looks from both parents?
I just wanted to come here to say that this guy has the same look on his face on the thumbnail of every video.
logan wojcik
I was looking for another song called sleepwalker, but im satisfied
R Channe
I'm not gay, but Jakob Dylan ..... damn.
abuso mechanical
got drunk with jake at a ruby tuesdays. cool dude.
Jocelyn Fore
My favorite Wallflowers song...when music made sense.
Sally Mascorro
Bob Dylan was gorgeous when he was young Jakob looks just like him and Bob Dylan had blue eyes just like his son but I think he's the only one of his children that looks like him
Carl Granieri
I'm in your movie and everyone looks sad.
Love the commentary on Celebrity worship and jingoistic patriotism in the video. Still very relevant today.
"Sam Cooke didn't know what I know" is such a catchy line.
RemiV Foliage
Jakob's eyes are so Blue...
Andrew Smith
WHY DON'T THEY MAKE MUSIC LIKE THIS ANYMORE???????????????????????????????
"Sam Cooke didn't know what I know".I love that lyric.
Pigeons Poncho
DUDE. this is a good song!
Ada Wofford
You should need a license to have eyes like that. phew
Ahh those blue eyes. They are so beautiful. I think he is the coolest man in the world.
James Mallov
Awesome - one of the great rock songs. Terrific lyrics and that throaty folk-resonance - brilliant.
Brenda Luna
god only knows that I've tried
Chattawan Malikrua
He is Jakob Dylan. He got married and have 4 sons. He is a son of Bob Dylan and Sara Dylan. No matter!!! I love his eyes ❤👁👁
Kimberley Dehart
love this song and just need to say you r rocking georgeous wish I cold look into those eyes at night