The Wallflowers - Three Marlenas

Music video by The Wallflowers performing Three Marlenas. (C) 1997 Interscope Records

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Lorie Fouse
The lyrics are taken literally to indicate each of the song's verses focusing on a different character. The description of the first character is of an individual who seeks attention ("she only went and did what she did so he would drive her home then"); the second of an individual who wishes for stability & security (she wishes for a husband and a job); and the third, of an individual who values freedom ("I'm headed out on that highway/I'm goin' right out of state"). The three seemingly dissimilar selves are unified in the chorus.

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This song was always my dad's favorite. Funnier thing: Marlena is my name....
He has the most beautiful eyes.
Paris Dylan
God how is a man so beautiful I have no idea
John Urso
I don't think Bob even made this beauty with a woman...probably some test tube thing. but damn,,,he is perfect...and I AM straight
Leo Myers
My mom got my middle name from this song. I can't even be mad.
Tricia Burchett-Acevedo
I have always loved this song, but now I love it even more because at 1:13 that fine hot ass man is MY Fiance! That's right! My Paul Chavez is running with a boogie board on the beach in a video for The Wallflowers!! Damn don 't he look FINE! His friends Corey & Isaac are also in the video at the beginning paddling in the water. I Love this!
"Shake it off" has 600 million views and this song has 878k... just sad
Anne Fine
I'm embarrassed to say I've always loved the Wallflowers music, but never knew the lead singer was Bob Dylan's son Jakob. I've just never been a hardcore fan sort of music lover. Man, he sure is sexy though- I can't believe he sprung from Daddy Dylan's loins.
Rob Heathers
One of my sisters was obsessed about the Wallflowers when I was a kid. I've heard this song so many times, yet I'm embarrassed to say I've never seen the video before. This isn't my favorite Wallflowers song or video, but it is the song I always think about when thinking about the band or when I remember how gorgeous Jakob Dylan is.

Wow, he is the perfect man. Good build. Beautiful face. Appropriate amount of chest fur. THOSE EYES & EYEBROWS MAKE ME MELT.

Yep, I'm proud to be a 90s kid.
John Begay
I wasn't sure I would get the opportunity to share this song/music video, but luckily it looks like I am going to be able to today! :-) This was the 3rd and last song that they released in 1997 and also the very last Wallflowers song that I know of at all if my memory is correct. I think this was my 2nd favorite Wallflowers song of all time next to "One Headlight". I liked the music video too - very much effort and special effects put into this music video! :-) I don't know why they didn't come back with more music after 1997? - they were an awesome band with chart-topping music to boot! I'd sure like to also see them come back together for another hit song too. :-) #THEWALLFLOWERSTHREEMARLENAS
Kate Faraday
he has such a beautiful and distinctive voice and look <3
the beggining of this song, Three Marlenas, is exactly the same as Sweet Jane from Lou Reed! I never noticed that until just now!
Chance Whistler
just missing/thinking of  the 90's today...
Landon Gaunt
excellent song ....The Wallflowers should have been the Rolling stones
i miss the 90's
Kristin Crumpler
Alone tonight in somebody's bed
She gone and dyed her hair red
She only went and did what she did
'Cause he would drive her home then
There's lipstick on her new dress
She hadn't even paid yet
But it doesn't matter where the money went
It wasn't how she paid 'er rent

One, two, three Marlenas
There's got to be someone we can trust
Out here among us

Now lookin' out across the city lights
She thought they'd be a good pair
Now he could make a living sellin' cars
Maybe she could work there
She's gonna pick a star in the night
And pray to make it all right
She tried so hard not to pick a kite
She always prayed to heaven lights

One, two, three Marlenas
There's got to be someone we can trust
Out here among us
One, two, three Marlenas
It's see no, speak no, hear no evil about us
The three Marlenas

Man, I think I'm gonna buy myself a Rolls
Maybe a Chevrolet
One where I can pull that top down
Just let my radio play
Now I'm headin' out on that highway
I'm goin' right out of state
Now I ain't lookin' back until I'm gone
Right through heaven's gates

One, two, three Marlenas
There's got to be someone we can trust
Out here among us
One, two, three Marlenas
Ya see no, speak no, hear no evil among us
The three Marlenas
Three Marlenas
Three Marlenas
Sonja Frost
how could I have forgotten how ridiculously gorgeous Jakob Dylan is???
George Morales
i love this song won my first Prom Tennis Title with this winning song in 1999 as a teenager i miss the 90s as a person
Hayden H
she's gonna pick a star in the night and pray to make it alright

love that line