The Wallflowers - Three Marlenas

Music video by The Wallflowers performing Three Marlenas. (C) 1997 Interscope Records

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Chance Whistler
just missing/thinking of  the 90's today...
This song was always my dad's favorite. Funnier thing: Marlena is my name....
Lorie Fouse
The lyrics are taken literally to indicate each of the song's verses focusing on a different character. The description of the first character is of an individual who seeks attention ("she only went and did what she did so he would drive her home then"); the second of an individual who wishes for stability & security (she wishes for a husband and a job); and the third, of an individual who values freedom ("I'm headed out on that highway/I'm goin' right out of state"). The three seemingly dissimilar selves are unified in the chorus.

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Leo Myers
My mom got my middle name from this song. I can't even be mad.
Paris Dylan
God how is a man so beautiful I have no idea
He has the most beautiful eyes.
Ronnie Gonzalez
Underrated music
"Shake it off" has 600 million views and this song has 878k... just sad
Kate Faraday
he has such a beautiful and distinctive voice and look <3
Rob Heathers
One of my sisters was obsessed about the Wallflowers when I was a kid. I've heard this song so many times, yet I'm embarrassed to say I've never seen the video before. This isn't my favorite Wallflowers song or video, but it is the song I always think about when thinking about the band or when I remember how gorgeous Jakob Dylan is.

Wow, he is the perfect man. Good build. Beautiful face. Appropriate amount of chest fur. THOSE EYES & EYEBROWS MAKE ME MELT.

Yep, I'm proud to be a 90s kid.
Greggory Bradford
I always thought it sounded a lot like sweet jane
Janaina Angélica Noleto Dias
Tantos anos sem escutar essa música e do nada o nome dela veio na minha cabeça.. e aqui estou eu matando a saudade.
i miss the 90's
Am I the only one that hears Sweet Jane in the guitar?
Lily Jameson
His face is so hypnotizing - those eyes - I just can't look away. And then his voice...[SIGH]
Maria Noélia Francisco
You're good, Jakob, very good! Keep going!!
jose morales
This song remind me of Lou Reed´s Sweet Jane
Luiz Marcondes
Sweet Jaaaaaaaaaaaaneeee!
masked and anonymous
standin' on the corner... suitcase in my hand...(love jd and this band... almost as much as I love lou!)
Hayden H
she's gonna pick a star in the night and pray to make it alright

love that line