The Wallflowers - Love is a Country (Video)

Music video by The Wallflowers performing Love is a Country. (C) 2013 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

directed by James Dylan

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Jose Gonzalez
The most underrated band of all time...That's a goddamn shame..
I've been listening to The Wallflowers for nearly two decades now. I was lucky enough to catch a concert during the Breach tour--my first concert. I still tell people about the awesome "My Generation" cover. Over the years The Wallflowers have remained a dear favorite. The albums never let me down; every track always has merit. This last album is one I still listen to often. This song in particular...I love what it says and how it sounds. It's real and beautiful. It's just the sort of music my heart wants to hear. I hope Jakob and the band continue making these sorts of treasures for us. I know I'll continue listening.
Peter Gerstenzang
If radio was better this would have been a huge hit
Sidênia Freire
Directed by James Dylan. Both brothers have much talent.
Armando Cury Filho
Thank you Wallflowers for this beautiful song and video!

You are the best!
His voice is just awesome....
This melancholic song, full of metaphors and euphemisms is just deep, beautiful, special and bitterly true. I played it day after day and I don't get bored. Thank you guys!
Nelson NoName
It's a crime this only has 1/4 a million views...
Nancy Kennedy
This is just an amazing song that I never tire of. Jakob is a intelligent songwriter with a haunting voice. Have seen The Wallflowers a couple of times and plan on seeing them this month at the Paramount in Huntington, NY. A totally underrated band, as Jose says. Jakob's father must be proud.
I love this video, how the song gives a magic feel to the clip. I love the lady in it, how happy and excited and hopeful she looks.  So what if she's chubby and not that young? How many of us can feel that happy with ourselves? "The hardships of marching they've only just begun/ Love is a country better crossed when you're young" The feeling this video gives me is that she made an actual choice to be seek out her own happiness. She's not young anymore, but she's marching. :)
Tom Davies
"There's more work than ever and still only one of me.... to get it done!"
Thomas Hofheinz
"I'm watching the clouds overwhelming the evening sun
It's just after lightning and before the thunder comes
When nothing really happens and suddenly then it does
Love is a country better served with someone"
Candice Deaton
Bob Failmann
For years I have tried to write lyrics as good as this, but there are some things which can't be taught.
gÀmıń gėĘk
UNDERRATEEDDDDD!!!!!!!!! ALSO, 2018!!!!!!
John Lindsay
Dylan is illin, fulfilling his billing, filling the pavilion and chilling god willing!
Daniel Stewart
I am a huge fan of all their albums but I would have to say, this song stands as one of their most gorgeous. I absolutely love this.
Cheri Meil
Jacob this is beautiful.
Altrerosje Asri Ngastowo
directed by his son? waw