The Wallflowers - One Headlight (Live on Letterman)


The Wallflowers - One Headlight (Live on Letterman) Смотреть онлайн
Damn that was horrible. Tempo way too fast
Abel Paz
I am a huge fan of the wallflowers but this seems like a very RUSHED and LAZY version of the song I once loved. :(
Michael Vargo
why take a great song and change and make it sound like crap?
dale garrard
I see a lot of hate in the comments, but it just sounds like a live performance of a song to me.  Studio version is slow and angsty, but no need to try and recreate it live for crying out loud. I met Jacob once  and he was a bit of a weenie to me, but the other guys were really nice. really like the slide guitar in this.
Youtube has ruined music by making everyone a critic....
He ounds more like his Daddy Bob Dylan in this version.
Gerardine Cizmar
This version sucked. I need to go back and watch the original video. :(
Wow.......this was absolutely terrible........WTF!? Fire the drummer...
Less sad and emosional...i dont think i like this version as it not meant to be fast IMO
Three things:

1) This version is groovy.
2) I miss Rami and Richling.
3) Goddamn the zombie crowd.
Wow, glad I never paid to see these guys live. Fairly obvious why the band didn't sustain any level of success after this album.
Sandy de Groot
All the haters, just like when his dad went electric. Awesome song, singer and band! Probably the last time they could play this live before getting sick of their own monster hit. Play on!
Ed Halfen
Jakob Dylan definitely has the style and phrasings of his dad.  Even vocal tone so very Zimmerman-esque...LOVE this song, fast or slow...Love the lyric, ..."got to be something better than in the middle..." (sic)   Can't accuse the Dylans of any middle ground positioning.   
Tempo is way to fast and it does sound like he attempting a Bad Dylan impression......
Doug Wortman
It's like a different song, good or bad right? Studio version is 108 bpm This one is 122!!!!!
tempo is so fast, the singing change... what the fuck, it seems they destroyed their own classic song...still i love the album version...
Rhett Bailey
Too fast. Coming from a musician. I like live songs to be a little faster, but the palm mutes and bass with the original version have a better groove. Makes me wonder if the show made them condense in order to fit into a time slot, which often happens.
Pfrizzle 101
I love this song... even though the message is meaningless and thoughtless. It totally represents bob dylan.
I love the song and group but It was a bad performance
Russell Carter
"Hey guys, lets see if we can play it at 160bpm!"