Introducing Mary Poppins (From "Mary Poppins Returns"/Audio Only)

Music video by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Emily Blunt performing Introducing Mary Poppins (From "Mary Poppins Returns"/Audio Only). © 2018 Walt Disney Records

Introducing Mary Poppins (From "Mary Poppins Returns"/Audio Only) Смотреть онлайн
"No I couldn't possibly...D-Flat major!"

I am starting to like this...
Michael Gibb
"No. I couldn't possibly. ... D flat, major."

I love that line, and watching it in the cinema it instantly reminded me of Mary Poppins as she was originally portrayed by Julie Andrews. It's representative of how straight-laced, but unpredictable Mary Poppins has always been.
Astro Wiz
"No, I haven't sung in years!"

You just finished singing a whole number, hun 😂
Joseph Liu
"I couldn't possibly."
"D flat major."
Luis Lopez
You haven't sung in years, but you sung two songs before the next one? 😂
Frank Lesher
"Bucks and mares, cubs and does. Welcome to our show of shows. Tis my great honor to introduce this evening's renown guest. The one, the only, Mary Poppins!"
"Thank you"
"Sing for us Mary Poppins!"
"No. No, no, no."
"Come on have a go"
"No! I haven't sung in years."
"Please sing for us Mary Poppins. Please. Do sing for us, please"
"No, I couldn't possibly. D flat major"
Mia Andreatta
I swear when I watched I was almost expecting Lin to start rapping the beginning of in the heights, haha
Jennifer Williams
Ha this video started with an advertisement for “Mary Poppins Returns”
23Ivanna Viveros Garzón128
Grité con la voz de Lin Manuel Miranda
Willkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome!
Fremder, étranger, stranger
Glücklich zu sehen 
Je suis enchanté
Happy to see you
Bleibe, reste, stay
Aissle Iolana
Lin Manuel
Lucas Márquez
She’s back ❣️❣️❣️
Holy crap holy crap holy crap
Natalie Harshman
Okay this scene was cute and all but honestly like why is it its own track on the soundtrack? It's super short and doesn't even have any singing. 😕
Nico Marquez15
Julie Andrews should feel very happy with this film.
Hopper H78
.... Is it bad that I want to make an animatic of this with Hazbin Hotel characters?
Josephine Gosselin
Ça m'étonne que vous n'ayez pas trouvé la version FRANÇAISE...
The Empress
He sounds ridiculous.
Almost as ridiculous as her FAKE AF British accent.
No, his is worse...I can't decide.

Whatever, filth is filth👾