Can You Imagine That? (From "Mary Poppins Returns"/Audio Only)

Music video by Emily Blunt, Pixie Davies, Joel Dawson, Nathanael Saleh performing Can You Imagine That? (From "Mary Poppins Returns"/Audio Only). © 2018 Walt Disney Records

Can You Imagine That? (From "Mary Poppins Returns"/Audio Only) Смотреть онлайн
Indy Dang
Some people have the audacity to say that this film doesn't have memorable songs when this one exists, can you imagine that???
Who else is in love with Emily Blunt?

She's so diverse....action, horror, comedy, thriller, rom com, musical.... is there anything this woman cant do?
The mad Hatter
“Perhaps we’ve learned when day is done some stuff and nonsense could be fun!” Is such good advice and important to all
Abi Burton
I know it's kind of silly but does anyone else get excited chills when Mary sits on the bathtub and she has that lovely excited smile like "The adventure's about to begin again..." when she says "Off we go!"
"Well it is just a bath after all, but then again it's not my tub" This line right here has sold me on the movie, now I need to see it
aj thibeault
Saw the movie last night. Amazing! It pays respect to the original but is original itself. This song is the new movie’s spoon full of sugar.....positive and inspiring. And Emily Blunt nails it.
Glinda Bennett
Okay, but pirates who don't grow up... That's a Peter Pan reference isn't it?
sam harrison
I must say Emily Blunt has a great voice and she truly fits the role of Mary Poppins
Summertime Blooz
This is THE Mary Poppins Returns song. Listening to the other songs, this seems to be the main theme, the one that keeps being returned to.
Some people think these sequels are all mindless corporate products, can you imagine that?
Frank Lesher
John you're right
It's good to know you're bright
For intellect can wash away confusion
Georgie sees
And Annabelle agrees
Most folderol's an optical illusion
You three know it's true
That one plus one is two
Yes logic is the rock of our foundation
I suspect and I'm never incorrect
That you're far too old to give in to imagination

No, not yet

Some people like to splash and play
Can you imagine that?
And take a seaside holiday
Can you imagine that?
Too much glee lives rings around the brain
Take that joy that send it down the drain

Some people like to laugh at life
And giggle through the day
They think the world's a brand new shiny toy
And if while dreaming in the clouds
They fall and go kersplatt!
Although they're down and bent in half
They brush right off and start to laugh
Can you imagine that?

On second thoughts, perhaps you're right, it makes no sense to take a bath
Wait! I want to take a bath!"
Oh, really? Up you go and in you go"
"Georgie! What happened to him?
"Well it is just a bath after all, but then again it's not my tub"
"Shouldn’t gone after them"
"Oh no I had my bath this morning, thank you"
"Well if you won't I will!"
"Off we go"

Some people like to dive right in
Can you imagine that?
And flap about in bathtub gin
Can you imagine that?

Doggies paddling twenty leagues below
Might seem real but we know it's not so
To cook without a recipe
Can you imagine that?
And heaven knows what lives within that pot
Some pirates follow treasure maps
And wear a silly hat
They search the world for buried gold
They won't grow up and don't grow old
Can you imagine that?

Be sure to scrub behind your ears

Some answer when adventure calls
Can you imagine that?
And sail straight over waterfalls
Can you imagine that?

They see living has it's own reward (Ahoy!)
Rock the boat then (Man overboard!)
Some people look out on the sea
And see a brand new day
Their spirit lives them high above the blue

Yet some others spear an anchor
And they sink in seconds flat
So, perhaps we've learned when day is done
Some stuff and nonsense could be fun
Can you imagine that?
Bill Farrell
Perhaps we've learned when day is done
Some Stuff and Nonsense could be fun

I think this will be my favorite song in the movie
Manuel Orozco
This is almost beautiful as Spoonful of Sugar. I can imagine how wonderful the whole sequence is going to be. Especially with the CGI effects and the costume changes.
Michelle Chung
Someone need to write another musical for Emily!!
TTNT / throwing tnt
we'll just have to wait another 50 years until everyone will appreciate this movie...
Javier Cabrera
Movie did not disappoint!!!
I love when the dolphin pops up out of the tub.
Michael Gibb
Some people seem to think Mary Poppins Returns is weakened by songs that aren't as memorable as the original. Can you imagine that?

To that I say, a song doesn't have to be memorable to be enjoyable. Can you imagine that Mary Poppins Returns songs are just as enjoyable? Because I can.
Just left the theater!! It was, dare I say, more magical than the first! This is a good example of a sequel done right!
Christian Mata
❤️❤️❤️ Emily Blunt’s voice is perfect as Mary Poppins can’t wait to see it in theaters