Marc Shaiman - Race to Big Ben (From "Mary Poppins Returns"/Audio Only)

Music video by Marc Shaiman performing Race to Big Ben (From "Mary Poppins Returns"/Audio Only). © 2018 Walt Disney Records

Marc Shaiman - Race to Big Ben (From "Mary Poppins Returns"/Audio Only) Смотреть онлайн
Michael: (finding the thought of turning time back is crazy) That’s ridiculous!

Mary Poppins: Indeed it is, Michael. It’s nonsense.

Annabel: Foolishness.

John: It makes no sense. And if it makes no sense....

With Georgie: IT CAN’T BE TRUE!!!
Monique Ocampo
Time Lord theory confirmed.
Everyone all set?
Good, then let's go change the time.
Ariana Meinking
Annabell: Can we turn back time, Mary Poppins!?
Mary Poppins: Yes. Just let me call in an old friend. Uh, Doctor?
Doctor Strange steps out of portal: Alright, fine.
Priscilla Barnes
I never expected this scene in the movie when I watched the trailer! It adds so much excitement.
"You have to run, you cannot walk,
for this is a race against the clock!"
Holy shit this score is so good!!!!
lianer :3
Like si Mary Poppins es mujer 🤣🤣
Technically, turning back time by 2 seconds on big Ben is illegal. Mary Poppins turned it back 5 minutes.
Matthew​ Quiton
Honestly, you'd think they never did this before.
I love landmarks, and big ben, this was one of my fave scenes
This kinda has a Danny Elfman vibe to it.
Maria del Rosario Rosas Sanchez
And just now in London ,big Ben tower Isn't serve for reppair
3:34 that's Jerry Goldsmith's score from The Secret of NIMH!
jhosyan gomez
Hamchung 77
This track is so damn good.
Joseph Zielinski
Jack summons all his candle gangs to gather up, they gotta rush to the Big Ben, they have 3 minutes to climb up the long ladders to reach on the top and kill the clock's light out before midnight!
jhosyan gomez
asi va aser el sonido d la pelicula wwoooo
William Fairchild
I do like the Race to Big Ben music in Mary Poppins Returns the film and the soundtrack and it is very dramatic #MaryPoppinsReturns
Sajaa Abdulhamid
heyyyy 4th