Ben Whishaw - A Conversation (From "Mary Poppins Returns"/Audio Only)

Music video by Ben Whishaw performing A Conversation (From "Mary Poppins Returns"/Audio Only). © 2018 Walt Disney Records

Ben Whishaw - A Conversation (From "Mary Poppins Returns"/Audio Only) Смотреть онлайн
lua prol
you can't make me cry that early in the movie, that's rude
Glen Larson
I wasn't prepared for this song. My wife passed away just under 3 months ago and my 4 daughters were with me at the theater. It was hard because I completely miss those conversations.
Alexander Fraser
I know he's an actor and it's his job but I mean, he legitimately sounds like he's trying not to burst into tears. I can't wait to see this movie
Tahlia Evans
We haven't spoken for so long dear
This year has gone by in a blur
Today seems everything's gone wrong here
I'm looking for the way things were

I know you'd laugh and call me tragic
For everything's in disarray
These rooms were always full of magic
That's vanished... since you went away

This house is crowded now with questions
Your John's a walking questionaire
And I could surely use a few suggestions
On how to brush our daughter's hair

When Georgie needed explanations
You always knew just what to say
And I miss our family conversations
It's silent since you went away

Winter has gone
But not from this room
Snow's left the lane
But the cherry trees forgot to bloom

I'll carry on the way you told me
I say that like I have a choice
And though you are not here to hold me
In the echoes I can hear you voice

But still one question fills my day dear
The answer I've most longes to know
Each moment since you went away dear
My question, Kate, is "Where'd you go?"
Elora Maxwell
So subtle but honestly one of the best on the track list
Gary Jones
And his question is answered in The Place where the Lost Things Go.
Great movie but someone was cutting onions in the theatre during this song and it was very distracting
David Gantt
“Mary Poppins Returns” got me through the most difficult Christmas of my life. I am forever grateful to all involved with this beautiful movie.
Caitlin Lynch
Paddington singing about his lost marmalade
Ryan Danforth
The song of a grieving husband whose wife's guidance is very missed. I cried.
Madeleine Weiss
update: this song has reduced me to sobbing alone in my room and i feel really attacked right now because i in no way relate to this song and yet and having my third mental breakdown of the week
Jay Schweetz
Saw the film last night, and above all songs that hit me so emotionally was this one, and I made this realisation today.

I’ve been through a tough year... lost one of my best friends(they’re not dead, but I loved her), who I haven’t spoken to since April, I got attacked, my dad had a heart attack back in October, just a few things to mention...

Being that I’m autistic, I thought staying close to God wouldn’t be as hard as I thought it would be, but that’s not how that works unfortunately. But everyday, I thank Jesus for all that He’s done in my life(or try my best to).

When the first trailer came out(the Oscar preview), I didn’t know what to think at first, even though I was very excited, lol. I got the chance to attend a opening night fan event, and when I heard this song for the first time, I let it rub off my shoulders... then I listened to the album again, and then the feelings train came rolling in.

I want to thank The Lord for having stick with me through all this time, but I don’t think I can take this much heartbreak anymore.
Manuel Orozco
This sounds like a melancholy version of Perfect Nanny! But it is sad indeed to see Michael a year earlier has lost his wife.
Obi Wan Kenobi
I’m being honest: This movie is just as good as the first if not BETTER
Hannah Fraire
Paddington singing leave a like
Raymundo Salcido
I love Ben's voice!!!!
Duck Puppet
I want to comment on this song, but I don't know how to put my thoughts on this song into words. It's just so beautiful (defiantly one of my favorite in the movie) and SO underrated! Honestly, Ben's entire performance is underrated. He did absolutely fantastic!
Though I have lost my dad almost 10 years ago and my mum 4 years ago, this song brought back too many memories. Pray for your souls, PA and MA.
Linda Poplin
Crying so beautiful and touching 😭
aj pat
This is gonna be emotional devastating. Better start bringing the tissues.