Moss Kena - Touch

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That Squid
I came from a "Last Christmas" recommendation. Anyone?
Leoni Kay
Loved working on this⭐❤️🌻
Elle Card
Puttin this on repeat!!!!! Dope asf!!!!
orio_ nice
He will become a star soon❤💯
Ooh, nice bro 😎👌. Glad i stumbled upon this
Amy Winehouse
He's right about Amy when he said her music was "So real and raw at a time when we’d kind of lost that."
Kena YT
Very good, love you bro 💙
Francesca ZuidemA
every time my brother and i play this song we're automatic start with dancing
Camille Reissig
I can touch ur heart, i can touch ur heart 🎶🎶🎶😎🎵
Varun Langa
Nice work as always! Reminds me of Disclosure when they were actually making great music.
So underrated omg
gacha liv
Well song on repeat for the next month,

Oof i love ur songs and saw u at the bic a few sundays ago
Martin Jungcurt
Thank You for the music
Ambika Paraste
I can touch your heart😊
Mhasivino Achumi
I can touch your heart, "coz am a heart surgeon.....duh"
Francesca ZuidemA
so amazing!!!!!!!!
long phạm
Does anyone know any information of the girls at 1:55? I fell in love with her since I saw her eyes :((
Ambika Paraste
From ankur for someone
Great lyrics, great beat 🎶
alexchallenc xo
I love this song!!💖💖