Toni Romiti - Afraid (Official Video)

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2019 bout to be your year 🔥🔥🔥🔥
thank you for my chritsmas gift ❤️❤️❤️😩
Lex. Stackss
Who remembers the Toni from vine “bish whet”😭 but this song fire or w.e❗️
Amaya Styles
"Love yourself before you love a boy" SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK
Ahryona Thedon
Love how she keeps her man in all of her videos ❤️❤️ I need love like this 😫🔥🔥
Naja V
Bro u scared me on instagram with the burned photo😭😭😭 thank GOD it was just for the vid
Corrina Vargas
Why can’t she be gay thooooooo 😭
Dîpped In Hôney .
“Love Yourself Before You Love A Boy”
Timya Jones
“She’s afraid to be alone, so she always got a man”😭❤️such a bop✨
Brandon CiCi
I swear, Toni always has the FIIIIINEST dudes in ALL her videos!
Endrea Alexander
I like how she's just comfortable with who she is you dont see her out here doing crazy shit with her self she's just her and i respect it
Bibi Duran
Yes the perfect combination of sexy and fearless
Jordan Shit
Azerrz’s My Dad
She ain't got nothing on meee , I LOVE TONI OMFG 😩💕
Who ever the main girl is.. she is sooo freaking pretty!
Nicole Wilson
Back at it again!!!!! The long awaited video😍😍😍 love you Toni
B Wave
U telling me this bald man wearing durags 💀why lawd 😂
Madeline Nielsen
The realest song I’ve ever heard
Jaiden Itis
Beautiful song most woman will put any man First Ladies love yourself first!, don’t change for looks or for attention. Love yourself when a man loves you he will give you the attention you deserve , surprise you unexpectedly, show you even when words don’t come out. No time for insecurities ladies. We are all different and there’s no. We’d to feel in competition with another woman for your man. That’s not a man you deserve.
Eliza Mofreh
I never clicked on a video so dam fast