Mike Posner - Move On

Music video by Mike Posner performing Move On. © 2019 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Your Dad and your friend Avicii would be proud!!❤️What a Beautiful Song & Story,
Eric Frye
I wish I could give you the biggest hug right now.

I haven't been feeling much like myself either <3
Me and my girlfriend broke up last week after 4 year of togetherness this song really helps me to recover 💔
Cyber Ri07
I lost my Dad a year ago(March 31 , 2018) and I felt every word u said bro. I do cry when am alone too....even now while typing this. Thank You. and reading all this Positive comments from all this beautiful people is amazing. Love From Ethiopia.
ViNci Ian
Such a beautiful and touching song.Thanks Mike for sharing your story and I'm glad you picked yourself up and decided to move on.LOVE YOU SO MUCH.
When you walk across America, please document it
Nick Carter
Your dad seemed like such a beautiful person. He reminds me of my dad. Your love is so real, for the world, for music, for people, for your dad. Thank you for everything you’ve given to the world, man. Thank you, Mike Posner. 🌞 😌
Amongla Ozukum
This video will calm many broken hearts.
Thank you Mike
Love from Nagaland ❤❤❤
It is Javi
I'm going through hard times, and this song gives me an extra push. I've got to move on. Life is short, and tomorrow is never promised.
Deekshith 007
Why I'm commenting....?

cuz I want to :)
Thank you for the likes 👍👍
Joey Kidney
truly a beautiful video and story -- well done mike ! lots of love
Adriano Gasparoni
Such a relief. I am not alone, thank you
pritesh singh07
This is a masterpiece and an inspiration for millions...take a bow brother.
Mithu Gogoi
Best of luck for the rest of life. I am quiting addiction and this is my real medicine I got .
Leeam Tivers
I lost my father at the beginning of March to an unexpected heart attack. I was three provinces over playing Junior hockey. The last thing my dad was doing was writing a cheque for my hockey advisor.
Two weeks later, my team was eliminated from the playoffs.
The next week after that my girlfriend whom I loved and relied on heavily dumped me and threw me to the wolves.
Two days later I left all my friends behind and returned home.

I can say that I haven't been feeling like myself either.

Sending love and thank you for sharing this story Mike!
Never seen an artist made such a personal music and even self directed his own video with his own situation, may you enjoy your life, life is short. People come and go thats why we make memories and treasure our time with them. Don’t let sadness drown you. Let happiness overtake you.
Reactive MUCH
I was in depression for almost 2 years now. It's an on and off thing. A few days ago, I've decided to not mope around anymore and though I'm making slow progress, the fire in my heart to pursue life is steadily getting rekindled day by day. This video just helps shake off some lingering melancholia. ☺️

And to everyone out there going through the same thing, let's go out and live life with a lighter heart! We deserve that much 💓
Juice Box
The part about his dad hit me like s cannon ball right through my heart
Dylan Gleeson
`Everyone just wants to feel good ‘
`Everyone just wants to disappear ‘

- Mike Posner - FACTS - Sad but True
I had sudden low puncturing feeling in my heart today....
how convenient seeing this In my recommendations... for once I didn't think YouTube been on the bullshit...
But thank you reminding me of what's important man....