Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike x Armin van Buuren x W&W - Repeat After Me (Official Music Video)

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Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike x Armin van Buuren x W&W - Repeat After Me

Easily one of the most epic collaborations of the year, ‘Repeat After Me’ is a full-throttle mainstage anthem able to cause some serious damage on the festival grounds. Bearing the clamoring signature sounds of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Armin van Buuren and W&W, this high-impact fan favorite has set its sights on only one thing: dominating the global dance floor for decades to come.

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Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike x Armin van Buuren x W&W - Repeat After Me (Official Music Video) Смотреть онлайн
Armin van Buuren
Where did you hear ‘Repeat After Me’ for the first time? 👐
Always great working with you guys! ❤️
Kevin Geurts
Im not against the new sound everyone keeps complaining about but I am against those two clowns
One of the collaborations of the year!! Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike & Armin van Buuren & W&W working together on a track is Huge!!! Love that drop with the fantastic drop melody and the break melody is great too!! Well done boys!!!
This colaboration is really epic, respecting each style of each artist MASTERPIECE.
aravind gowda
Starting of the year with legendary collab🔥❤️
DJakare FR
gautam govilkar
Just when you thought Armin was coming back to Trance
Armin please don't follow Tiesto to the mainstream,stay in trance
No Armin... No...
Even worse than blah blah thing. Your crappiest track ever. Sorry. D I S L I K E
What a generic tune and one I won’t remember, expecting so much more
Nikhil Naik
Mosquito is rapping.
Krystian K
Number 1 ARMIN VAN BUUREN ❤️❤️
Indian Chill Nation
5 are legend but 🦁 King walks alone #armin
MusicAddictz __
Brian Skywalker
crap sry ;/
W&W 50%, Armin van Buuren 50%, DVLM Brought the coffee and cleaned the kitchen
Irfan Maulana Pradana skrillexborneo
W&W : 40%
Armin van Buuren : 40%
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike : 20%
Rares Matei
I was impresseed by this track at Untold Festival and eversince I've been waiting for its official release