Sleaford Mods - Kebab Spider

Music video by Roger Sargent.

Sleaford Mods performing 'Kebab Spider'.

The brand new album from Sleaford Mods, out 22 February

Sleaford Mods kick off the New Year with a new single entitled ‘Kebab Spider’, which is out today.

Jason say’s of the track “‘Kebab Spider’ The accumulation of torment for those that refuse to capitalise solely through mediocre channels and as a result are ejected back onto the concrete. Obscure and under the horror as a giant spider crawls out the crown of their small portion of street meat”.

‘Kebab Spider’ is taken from their upcoming album, ‘Eton Alive’, which is out February 22nd. Recorded in Nottingham, it features 12 new tracks from the prolific duo. The record will be the first release on Jason and Andrew’s newly formed label ‘Extreme Eating.’

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“You’ve had a record deal for nearly 30 years what do you know about, agencies, looking for jobs, shit wages”

This has to be the best line in the song!
Always a good day when a new Sleaford Mods song is released
J Len
It’s like underworld and John Cooper Clarke has a kid
Andrew Tittensor
It was a pleasure taking part, and to top it off it’s one of the best from the mods to date .
You should be able to spot me, I’m the 50 + bald bloke.............oh wait, I didn’t think that through
Andreas Wollschläger
To quote some unknown guy, hearing a new Sleaford Mods song is like having your first beer after lobotomy
Micheal Webster
This is just like the Dr Martin's boots song from the young one
Fookin pinger of a choon !!
The ending is just precious
New Alternative 40 Chart
"Kebab Spider" debuted at #27 on the New Alternative 40 Chart this week!
Low Moon
This band destroyed everything I held dear - rock legends, guitar solos, Keith's hair, all that shit I thought was important they just blew it all away and laughed at it. And I fucking love them for it.
t smith
Thought he was saying "oh no" in a fake posh accent. Thinks its time for a hearing test.
Alright, I needed my dose of suburban rebellion.
spencer d
"what do you know about agencies shit wages?" nailed it right there lads
Patrick Mellow
Excellent anyway but magnificent for the Belle Stars reference #gold
Nick Walter
The new year can finally get underway.
Martyn John Smith
I am very new to the Sleaford Mods party - it looks like I arrived at a VERY good time though!! Bangin' tune!!
Anthony Holliday
The most important duo in broken Britain right now.
from Russia (Siberia) with love
Jamie Pritchard
Radio 6 always introducing me to top tracks like this!!
Piston Scrumpy.
Good tune, sounds a bit Flat Eric mind