Pond - Daisy (Official Video)

Taken from the upcoming album 'Tasmania' out 1st March on Spinning Top, Marathon Artists, Caroline & Interscope


Director: Jesse Taylor Smith

Second Unit: Samuel Kristofski

Ariel Cinematography: Joseph Ryan

VFX Supervisor: Samuel Mapplebeck


It’s spring and the cherry blossoms sprout

The legs are out, and the bronzed chests, and fires bejewelling the south west

Thank you, darling, for these silver gelatine echoes of me, with you

Smiling like he has to for the cause, for the tribe, for the boys, for the lie

Nobody heard me crying in my sleep

Me and the men of the frontier stack the bodies in a heap

Jimmy grabs a beer and we wash our hands in the creek

Ooh, talk is cheap

Frangipanis growing back home

Shading the bottlo line

Once we were dreaming of pearls

Now me and my sons all dream of iron 

Daisy, baby, are you driving home?

Coz this baby doesn’t want to walk alone

She said ‘ooh’ as she grabbed my tongue 

Sometimes you gotta rock the cradle, baby, on your own

is that boogoo with the big chain

Is that Annie with the white dress?

Is that granny with the white man

With the no name and the no stress?

What about the empire? What about the cross?

What about the halos? are the angels inside with the Xbox?

That’s a dollar for any can

And on Thursdays I’ll be heading back to see my man

Did seeing real blood remind you that I had a heart

That was the last kiss, that was a real one

When I see you next year I’ll be perfect

I’ll be perfect for you babe

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Bianca Barufaldi
My life is made of Pond, MGMT, Tame Impala and Gum
Thanks for everything Pond. You make life a bit better every time.
Could the year even start better?
Early bird gets the worm...
Liam S
Pond has to be one of the most extremely underrated bands of the era!
New Alternative 40 Chart
"Daisy" debuted at #14 on the New Alternative 40 Chart this week!
Daniela Wiegrebe
You guys made it again. And nick, you are luminous 💜
Ruby Loof
This is what the music this age should be producing. This is the path music was supposed to go after Bowie, Freddy Mercury, Michael Jackson etc . What a lyrical genius Nick holy moly
Leon Andromeda
My favorite band when im high... Ps. Im high all the time
Horny Alien
Where’s Jay tho? Behind the camera? I love you guyys!
Nick looks so much healthier then he used to. I love how fast they have managed to build up a really nice memorable discography, they’ve always taken their influences from the past and gave them a cool modern-futuristic twist
Luis Fellipe
Kevin has produced this ?
Omg I can't wait to listen to Tasmania. Thank you Guys for that clip , Nick is such a Treasure <3
Louis David
So nicely done !
Apian Kwaad
Psyched for the new album
Jonathan Webb
You best believe I just preordered that white double vinyl... Thank you Pond!
Chilean Aviation Films
Hype set up to 10000.
Marco Vitale
This song sounds like a hymn to life. It fulfills me with optimism. I love these guys.
Clare Hagen
Oh my god, you guys are growing so fast. You are really on to something hear this sounds really cool! I love you so much 💕💖 cant wait to hear more! <3
Diego Suarez del Real
Ahh you guys are amazing! thanks for the new single and upcoming album!