Final Stair - End of Love

Music video by Final Stair performing "End of Love".



Written and composed by Istvan Vörös, Denes Vörös and Shannon Brown

Performed by Istvan Vörös, Denes Vörös, André Seidel, Kylee Brielle

Produced, recorded, edited and mixed by René Jacobi

Mastered by Ue Nastasi


Directed by Pat Aldinger and Istvan Vörös

Written by Istvan Vörös

Produced by René Jacobi

Edited by Denes Vörös

Starring Uta Kargel

Cinematography by Pat Aldinger

Colorist: René Jacobi

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Nicolas Hawkins
Great song! Awesome voice! I can feel the emotions
Bryana Jakobe
Yeees, finally a new music video by Final Stair!! Love them all.
seydou sangare
Absolutely epic! I will never tyre of this video or song. Thankyou FS!
Holm Kresse
super 👍!
Raphael Albert
Such a kickass more I listen the more I love it.
Pete Turnbull
AMAZING!!! Love all of your songs.
Lewis Corwin
Badass nothing more needs to be said
This video is an amazing work of art.
Karin Wilcox
This song deserves more credit
Xavier Gianna
They're really just as good as it gets and that's all you can say I feel like this so underrated sometimes
Brayan Alberto
THE most underrated band of our time!
Angele Wai
Most underrated band in the history of rock.
Rock is still alive!! Thank you Final Stair!
Alvaro Ruiz
just discovered them like 4 months loved them really quick which is HARD for The SONG TOO!!!!!
Douglas Mann
finally!! this makes me so happy cx
Anthony Rush
one of the few bands that keep gettin better with time.
final stair is so underrated
This mv should be a full length is awesome
sylvio renk
We're so deprived of good music these love this it
Markus Müller
Life in 3:30 min