Bring Me The Horizon - Follow You (Live)

aмo - тнe вrand new alвυм

oυт jan 25тн


My head is haunting me and my heart feels like a ghost.

I need to feel something cos' I'm still so far from home.

Cross your heart and hope to die, promise me you'll never leave my side.

Show me what I can't see when the spark in my eyes is gone.

You got me on my knees, I'm your one man cult.

Cross my heart and hope to die, promise you I'll never leave your side.

Cos' I'm telling you, you're all I need.

I promise you, you're all I see. I'll never leave.

So you can drag me through hell, if it meant I could hold your hand.

I will follow you, cos' I'm under your spell and you can throw me to the flames, I will follow you.

Come sink into me and let me breathe you in.

I'll be your gravity, you be my oxygen.

So dig two graves cos' when you die, I swear I'll be leaving by your side.

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Hard Core
Bring me the Fish

Jordan Fish
Baribor Khongwir
That awkward moment when a metal band plays and writes better pop music than the majority of today's pop artists.
Also loved medicine.
Artist / Band News by Michael Nagy
Wow this is absolutely amazing!!
Silvester Sourn
J fish so good he sounds like a backtrack
Nekopan Sykes
I'm tired for see people kidding with the new style of BMTH... Okay, is really different, but why anyone asks Oliver about his voice? If the pain have stopped or if he are cured of his problems? Guys, where is the empathy?
I miss the scream vocals but I'm loving this new fase too. Congratulations, BMTH. "AMO" is amazing. Keep changing if it fells good to you, is your decision. The true fans will be here, to give support, anyways. We love you, guys. ♡
Jerwell savella
If you say that you didn't sing along at the first it started, you're surely lying..
Nick Hollis
Here's the thing about BMTH change of music over time... even if it's becoming more pop oriented, it's still WAY better than modern pop songs out today. They're proving that they can write anything and make it amazing.
Xawn Zayn
I wanna see Drown Live on 2019. Who else wanna see?
benja arenas barrientos
Un like por esos hombres caídos o chicas caídas que dedicamos esta hermosa canción 😪 a sus ex
JLN Music
2:34 if that girl was me I would've passed out
ok but jordan's voice is prettier than me
Dskklight •
Every like means that you dedicated it to someone.
Teya Gutierrez
He seems so happy :) love BMTH
Uno quiere estudiar y BMTH sube nuevo video :,v
if Follow you released in 2019 you guys will cryin' like Medicine did
i didn’t know a song could cure my depression and give me clear skin
Felipe Michael
Parabens caras, voces são foda.
Death Hopeless
Now that Oliver has learned to sing they want to record the lives because they sound great (i hope one day they will record the mix old stuff song of the comedown, medusa, diamons and no reflections)