Alex Vargas - What You Wish For

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Luiz Giem
I'm so happy and grateful that Alex is releasing music this often!
His lyrics, vocals and feeling really touch me. 👏
cherri k
King Alex never disappoints ✨
Elina Chrysostomou
I hope you realize how talented you are and how amazing your voice is; I can't think of another artist these days I admire and I like more than you. <3
Val Amorim
Love you my king 💕 you are amazing.
Mr Cat
Underrated af 😥❤
Hugo Carvalho
Puta que pariu que vozeirão
I’m screaming Alex. So anyway been meaning to tell you this: I’d so love for you to get more notoriety but sometimes I wish only we who love your gift could keep you to ourselves because so many change as the world rolls in, but pleeeeeeeease for God’s sake don’t lose yourself. Stay true. We need honest words and honest hearts, even if it hurts. And if they accept you or if they reject you, we-the originals will still be here. Thank you. Keep it up!
Thiago Martinelli
Alex, Brazil loves you❤ What a voice and artist🎸🎙🔊🎶
Fender&Billy Vanboxtel
Wauw 😍 love his voice so much . Go’s straight to my heart everything he sings . It’s so pure
Alex, this is amazing. I read your post about what you've struggled with and that this is your song about that and opening up. It's wonderful and well done for addressing your mental health, it's a difficult thing to do. Keep strong, keep fighting and keep up the amazing work you do!
Noella Clarke
Oh my ... perfect timing , perfect voice, perfect video. So effortless 😍
Cristian Jiménez
Such a great singer and composer
Sweet Love
I love him he sang with so much soul you can tell he's been through a lot in his life, the emotions come out in all of his songs.
Perfect, heartbreaking, breathtaking <3 Blogged!
melissa WB
Eres el mejor te amo
Saludos desde México ❤️❤️❤️
Emma Collin
Hugo Carvalho
Kristoffer Elley
Det bedste jeg har hørt fra dig - WOW!!
Og hvor er det godt at se, at du begynder at få international anerkendelse. Det har du virkelig fortjent. Kæmpe talent... 🔥
Cody Vidito
Damn bro. Good stuff. I've been a fan since you killed it with Above & Beyond
Haiti Yassin
I'm just amazed , do way you write music , it's incredible