Vivian Hicks - Unsteady (Audio)

Music video by Vivian Hicks performing Unsteady (Audio). © 2019 Big Machine Label Group, LLC & Bell Media, Inc.

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Who else gets chills whenever they hear her voice? She is amazing. Keep up the amazing work Vivian.
Førêvër Yøung
Omg 😱 Your Voice Like Bebe Rexha But Soft Version I Love It 😍😍
Vanessa Rosas Music
Everytime that I hear your voice, I get chills. So proud of what you have achieved. I remember when you started to post things on Instagram and now you are so much better. Can't wait to see what future brings to you. Keep going I love you xx
Keep going Vivian!!! Your voice is amazing!!!
Lonely Ribombee
You are awesome Viv, keep good work 💟
Salma Sameh
Love your voice so much 💗💓
Harry Gaming
Awesome song your voice is amazing this song #unsteady will be on #trend page of YouTube bg the way your 😚😚😚😚 very beautiful #vivianhicksisthebest
Keep singing songs
Macy Styles
If I could have any voice in the world it'd be yours💜
Great job viv!!
Pauline M
i love it!! you’re amazing
Meet Dalsania
Can you please accept my snap request
Victoria Gonzalez
so good love keep it up!
I've always loved hearing that song from you and I'm so happy you recorded it!
Caitlin Styles
Your Voice Is Incredible 😻😭❤️
Braly Wiser
!!!!!! Ahh so good
Alexandra Music
Amazing job Viv
Saima Zainab
I absolutely love her interpretation of the song it sounds so familiar yet so unique I love it
Xgamertea M
OMG it the Beautiful voice and imma keep hearing it
Cheyanne Walker
Very awesome Viv!!!!