NBDY - Admissions (Audio)

Music video by NBDY performing Admissions (Audio). (C) 2019 Arista Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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Thank you for keeping me motivated and pushing me to continue striving to be as great as y’all believe I could be. I almost gave up on music too many times, but like I said blessings always come when you least expect it.
Let’s keep growing this tribe
This is hard brotha🔥⚡️ this is gonna be on repeat❤️🐺
keisha Hall
Honey mama
when you get really famous(I belive you will) I'm gonna brag about how I was the one of early ones that supported you
this is so beautiful
Kelly T
always dope. keep up the great work/art
Jessika Gouws
Great song, such talent. Thank you for the music i will keep supporting with every stream, penny, and comment.
Nick Needs Help
Always providing great music, but this hit me in a different way, I can relate to the story and I love it. Great work bro 🔥💯
Dave Chiks
Nailah Mo
Never disappoints🙌🏽❤️‼️
Dominique Russell
Great discovery 🔥🔥🔥
Heaven Johnson
Congratulations! Keep singing from your heart it's beautiful.
This song hits home man. Keep doing what you’re doing man. I really felt it with admission number 4, felt so much emotion. Keep up the grinding. 👏🏼
i remember listening to you when you just started and i already knew you were gonna get big. just give it time. now you have over 150,000+ monthly spotify listeners, and trust me that number will keep growing. great work you’re truly amazing 🖤
Admission #1: I hope you blow up bro!
living lovely
u don't have a single bad song.
that's what i call talent.
(u can be talented with some "bad" songs too haha. )
A collab with kehlani would be 🔥🔥🔥
Ot Smalls
Keep writing bout that REAL LIFE brotha
Unique L. Valdez
Amr Nabil
Swear to God you the G.O.A.T xx man drop more & take over 2019 already !!!