White Zombie - More Human Than Human

Music video by White Zombie performing More Human Than Human. (C) 1995 Geffen Records

White Zombie - More Human Than Human Смотреть онлайн
It's been two decades and we still don't know who Hugh Man is.
Douglas Burke
Happy music makes me angry, Angry music makes me happy...
Ace of Glades
Early June 1995: schools ending, Slurpees are flowing, new Beavis and Butt-head episodes are coming out, and this shit's playing all the time.

Days to remember.
Scott Berry
I’m 58 years old and I still love this stuff!!!!
Indigo 99
90's was the last great decade of music.
Brooks Severson
I have a memory of this song. When I was younger, I was listening to this song with my dad. In the unedited version, the intro is the sound of a woman having an orgasm. I asked my dad what she was doing. Without hesitation, he says "She's using her favorite shampoo. She really liked it."

I'm scarred for life now.
Dennis Carrier
I'm 60 and I still blast 1000 watts of this until the windows shake.
Am I the only 90s kid who had to lower the moaning part so my parents didn’t think I was watching porn in my room?
Dorie Pope Stephens
I love this song. I'm 47 and female. I have been a headbanger for as long as I can remember and I will be till the day I die. If you can't handle seeing someone like me at the next concert you go to, it means I'm rocking harder than you ever could! To all of my brother and sister rockers reading this : Keep your horns to the sky, the music loud, and ROCK ON!
Putin Vladimir
If you need another reason(among the already obvious reasons) why the 90’s were the best, just listen to this or Robs other music.
dante bigguy
freaks from the 90's are real people today.
Acri 001
there's nothing like listening to this song (the uncensored one) with your headphones as an early teen in the living room.....then realizing your headphones weren't properly plugged in...
B Kap
Today's rock has been neutered. I miss this type of real rock.
Igabod Clarke
..zombie weatherman say...more humid than humid today....
Such a shame Rob Zombie is a massive bell-end to the point where White Zombie had to break up... WZ were a big part of my teenage years and I still miss them to this day
Landon Breeden
Twisted Metal anyone?
To all the 1%ers out there. #Respect
This is one reason the 90's rocked so hard
Saw White Zombie in '95, wish it was '95.